Experimenting with colour when designing your interiors can be daunting, not least because of how much time you will have to spend around the colours you choose. And it raises all sorts of questions: What will complement the existing furnishings? Do the colours reflect your style and personality? What is going to be popular in the next few years?

Every year, Dulux conducts extensive research into international interior trends to provide New Zealanders with the latest colour inspiration. We talk to Dulux colour and design specialist Davina Harper about how they develop the Colour Forecast each year, and she also shares some of the latest trends for 2017.

Colours to soothe the soul
The overarching theme of this year’s Colour Forecast is Antidote: A Colour Cure. Because modern life is full of excessive screen time and cookie-cutter style, it is more important than ever that the home is a haven from this. “Motivated by the desire to combat the modern challenges we face in the digital age, ‘Antidote’ aims to offer a remedy to the senses through colour and texture,” says Harper.

There are four carefully curated themes: Sentience, Chroma, Entwine and Construct. And while the palettes will function as complete colour solutions on their own, people can take a little or a lot from each of them as there are many colours that could cross over and “bridge gaps between trends,” says Harper. “Some of the colour palettes are more adventurous than others; we like to think there is something in here for everyone.”

About the collections
The four palettes and themes in the Colour Forecast are Sentience, Entwine, Chroma and Construct. Harper says these are carefully curated to reflect where interior trends will be heading for the next 12 months, based on research by the colour team, who travel to London, Paris and Milan Design Week as well as attending colour forecasting conferences. The team sort the colours that are emerging as trends into colour groups, “and then start to match them to our ideas about trends until a cohesive palette is formed,” says Harper.

The first trend, Sentience, “promotes harmony through its subtle pastels and soft organic neutrals,” explains Harper. “Entwine uses native influences from around the globe including woven materials, and an eclectic interior style that includes rich earthy shades combined with an unexpected twist of zesty yellow or blue. Chroma has a much bolder vibe with inspiration taken from the Memphis and Bauhaus movements: peach, yellow and teal hues are combined with optical illusions, layered materials and reflections. Construct has a fascination with strength and permanence, influenced by the Brutalism movement from the 60s and 70s. Simplicity, honesty and raw materials drive this solid palette of greys, metallics and darker hues.”
Using colour to make your home a place to relax and recover in style has never been easier with Dulux.