At ISH, the bi-annual bathroomware fair in Frankfurt held earlier this year, the world’s foremost bathroomware technology and design was on show. With a range of stylistic intentions evident, minimalist designs demonstrating precision and functionality piqued the interest of architect Andrea Barzotto, Marketing Manager at Metrix Bathrooms, one of the country’s most well-known importers of European bathroomware.

“In New Zealand, our architectural language is evolving with designs enveloping more minimalistic and Nordic influences,” Andrea says. “And that is one area of bathroomware that stood out at ISH.”

In particular, two new ceramic ranges seem to Andrea to sit well within New Zealand homes. The first combines striking rectangular lines and precise edges. “A fusion of exact edges and precise shapes come together in the basic forms, which are mainly straight lines with the softer organic, flowing inner contours,” Andrea says. This new range, designed by Duravit is known as DuraSquare. It’s a minimalist, contemporary lofty aesthetic that holds its own with a certain timeless appeal.

Continuing with this Nordic influence, a second range by Duravit known as Luv has a very different design language but it speaks to a similar audience. Luv combines Nordic purism and timeless, emotional elegance. Soft shapes follow a stringent geometry. “This range was designed by an independent designer, Cecilie Manz, whose initial vision was very simple: to have a bowl filled with water sitting on a table. The result of that simple vision is a new design language that can be interpreted in a highly individual manner.”

Both ranges are made with a new type of ceramic that allows for more design freedom, precise and thin edges and added strength. “The Luv range is defined by clear fine forms and edges, which fits well with the developing design language of our residential architecture,” Andrea says.

“The current bathroomware trends in New Zealand point strongly towards this type of Nordic design with a natural, minimalist feel and strong lines but with a soft language.”

Materiality is important with a strong tendency towards soft-touch materials, particularly ceramic, as well as natural, earthy tones.

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