Having worked at Lahood Window Furnishings for 23 years, Clayton Sceats has been involved in a multitude of different projects. Lahood Window Furnishings has been at the forefront of curtain design and manufacturing for more than 35 years.

“At Lahood we design window furnishing solutions to best fit your design brief & lifestyle. We work with you to ensure we highlight the architectural details you have created. From streamline new builds to period homes, designed around the architectural and decorative character of your building, we’ll create a truly unique product reflecting the personality of the owner.”
We spoke with Clayton to discuss automation and how a well decorated smart home is the most noticeable trend in window furnishings right now, and looking ahead.

Automation is the future

Technology has accelerated, changing just about every aspect of life, and a well decorated smart home is the most noticeable trend in window furnishings. Homeowners are selecting advanced motorised systems to control window treatments.  Blending technology with beautiful furnishings, motorised tracks with curtains and motorised blinds can all be custom automated to move in unison. They can be set on timers and be controlled from anywhere in the world with a touch of a button.

​​​​​​​In villa-style homes that have been renovated with modern extensions (such as in Parnell or Ponsonby), a dual approach can be implemented. For instance, using fully automated remote-operated blinds in the modern extension, but coordinated with the remaining character areas by using fabrics for curtaining, fabric blinds and soft furnishings.

“One of my recent favourite moments on a project was watching 120 motorised roller blinds rise and fall together. This was a technically skillful project for a home in Mairangi Bay, Auckland,” reminisces Clayton.

For this project, 65 motorised sunscreen and blackout twin roller blinds were installed. All blinds were programmed to be individually controlled by remote, with a master channel for all to operate in unison.

“With our antipodean lifestyle, motorisation continues outdoors with blinds, venetians and awnings,” adds Clayton.

To respond to the demand of outdoor applications, outdoor products use materials developed for the harsh outdoor environment. In order to protect the materials from high winds, sensors detect changes in weather conditions.

Both commercial and residential projects benefit from installing automated window furnishings. As buildings are developed to increase energy efficiency, modern window furnishings need to be technologically savvy enough to automatically know the appropriate time to open and close in the absence of people in the home. Such automation ensures the home retains the preferred temperature and light levels.

Lahood Commercial works closely with home owners, architects, builders and electricians from early planning stages through to installation. With over 35 years in the industry Lahood have the products and experience to ensure a perfect solution is provided to suit your needs.