Asphalt shingles: creating a premium look at a realistic cost

Compared to traditional shingled roofs, which are generally constructed with cedar or pine, asphalt shingles are a much more cost effective way to create the desired aesthetic of shingles, without the high price tag.

In New Zealand, one of the leading suppliers of shingled roofing materials is SPS Roofing & Building. They’re seeing a steady incline in the specifications of asphalt shingles, particularly the American-manufactured Owens Corning shingles, which have recently achieved CodeMark certification.

Owens Corning asphalt shingles are created with the same fibreglass material in their core that is used in Pink Batts™ insulation products, giving the shingles a unique thermal property. They are installed on top of a plywood substrate adding structural integrity and stability to the roof. The tiles themselves are finished with a ceramic granule to ensure colour stability and UV protection.

“One of the reasons people tend to choose asphalt shingles over other products is the unique aesthetic they can create for a much lower cost than other materials,” SPS Roofing & Building’s Chris Booth says. “But at the same time, because of the way they are manufactured, they provide assurance in regards to durability and an extended lifetime.”

Asphalt shingles work much the same way as a membrane roofing system in regards to waterproofing. During the installation process they are built up in layers so at the critical junctions there are a minimum of two layers, but up to three layers on top of one another, which creates a seamless and effective waterproof system.

“Asphalt shingles create a really rustic aesthetic; it’s that traditional American homestead look,” Chris says. “In New Zealand, these sorts of roofs are a real standout feature in comparison to traditional long-run steel roofing.”

Asphalt shingles also create a notably quieter roof because of their material make-up. “Because the shingles are pliable, they have a softer texture than a steel roof, and on top of that, the roof is completely sarked in plywood underneath the shingles so it creates an effective noise barrier,” Chris says.

“What we’re seeing is that people are starting to realise that they can create a premium look with asphalt shingles at a really realistic price point.”

An asphalt shingle roof requires only the standard maintenance of most roofing materials – an annual clean to ensure it remains in premium condition.

SPS Roofing & Building has a large range of CodeMark certified asphalt shingle roofing options to create everything from a striking dramatic roof profile to a more pared back traditional aesthetic.

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