Barefoot luxury

There are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippine archipelago and it is on one of these islands, Siargao, where outdoor furniture brand Dedon set up its own resort known as Dedon Island. Here, at the southeastern tip of the reef-ringed island is a palm-fringed paradise set between ancient mangrove forests and the crystal clear waters of its private bay.

This is the setting for creation – it’s the place where Dedon develops its concept of ‘barefoot luxury’ in outdoor furniture. It’s the company’s own outdoor living lab; a place where creatives experiment with new ways to live under the open skies, and a hub for the development of new products.

Exclusive distributor for Dedon products in New Zealand and the South Pacific, Domo Luxury Furniture has worked with Dedon for 19 years. “The Dedon story is truly motivational. From the intricate detail of their collections through to the fact that every part of every piece of furniture is recyclable, through to the extensive philanthropic charity funded in part by Dedon that has built a village in the Philippines, Dedon is more than a brand; it is a lifestyle,” Domo’s Nigel Robertson says.

With a philosophy based on the enjoyment of life, Dedon is a brand that strives for more, and that’s evident in every part of their story. “Even the vibrant colours of their collections point to this importance of enjoying life. The luxurious elements and guaranteed longevity of this furniture as well as its original and innovative design, combine to create something truly special.

“Everything about the Dedon ranges is special. From the unique quality of the specially-developed synthetic fibre to the fact that everything is completely recyclable, and the intricate designs by some of the world’s top creatives, buying a piece of Dedon furniture is an investment you can expect to enjoy for decades.”

German-owned Dedon was started 25 years ago by Bobby Dekeyser, a former professional footballer who was injured and as a result started Dedon. He worked closely with his uncle, an engineer who specialised in plastic extrusion, to develop the sustainable yet synthetic and weather-resistant fibre now known as Dedon fibre. It was the first known company to weave synthetic fibre into luxury outdoor furniture.

“It was Dedon’s vision to create outdoor living rooms furnished with the same attention to looks and luxurious comfort as those inside the home and it has changed the way we live outdoors,” Nigel says.

Dedon works with designers the world over, from up-and-coming designers to those at the top of their field. “Richard Frinier is one of my favourites. He takes an outdoor chair and makes it into the most comfortable thing possible,” Robertson says. “His pieces are timeless, they meet the market and they are innovative. I’d describe them as design classics – they don’t date.”

Another of Nigel’s personal favourites is designer Jean Marie Massaud, whose pieces he describes as having a real point of difference. “They’re so forward thinking and innovative. His take on a director’s chair called Sea-X is taken to the ultimate level of comfort and design.”

The Domo showroom in Parnell has a large selection of Dedon pieces on display, and as Nigel says: “Finding the right chair is about a feeling. When you find it you’ll know instantly.”

Dedon pieces are made to last – the Dedon fibre is something that is under ongoing development. It is weatherproof, temperature resistant, toxin-free and fully recyclable. At an aesthetic level, it offers a unique and luxurious look and feel. Because it was designed for this purpose, Dedon fibre lasts decades creating a more sustainable option than cheaper outdoor alternatives that last only a couple of seasons before they need to be discarded. When a Dedon piece does reach the end of it lifespan, every component of every piece is fully recyclable.

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