Having studied architecture in Venice, Italy, Andrea Barzotto has worked in Europe as well as in New Zealand at Metrix Bathrooms. With over a decade’s experience in the bathroom industry, Andrea has identified that some trends work best as accents while certain materials and silhouettes stand the test of time – yet ultimately, he emphasises that the bathroom should be an extension of the individual’s lifestyle habits.

Inspired by French design professional and philosopher Philippe Starck’s concepts, Andrea recommends “don’t think bathroom, think lifestyle.”
Andrea visits international trade fairs on bathroom design and has found this to be the burgeoning trend – a constant evolution that heralds the importance of knowing our own identity and designing our own bathroom accordingly.

“The bathroom is a space to revitalise, refresh for the day, or turn in at night to relax after a long day,” says Andrea. “As such, the timeless concept and everlasting trend is to design the look around the type of movement custom to your lifestyle, with comfort in mind.”

This could translate into installing a free-standing bath tub beside a marble recessed shelf in the wall for keeping scented candles and bath salts for easy access, or extending the floor space of your shower to add in a stone tile bench. Brands used by Metrix Bathrooms – such as Duravit, Dornbracht, Vola and Alape – feature ergonomically designed products that make it easier to decorate a bathroom in a bespoke manner.

“Subtle, clever design helps to make it easy for people to use their basin, toilet and bath more comfortably, depending on the life stage they are at,” adds Andrea.

Indeed, luxurious bathroom designs factor in how the space is a living area, embellishing the bathroom with comforts such as soft, plush towels or heated flooring.

Reflecting your taste in accent trends 

While the foundation of the design and layout should be bespoke to your lifestyle patterns, you can be experimental and expressive with accent trends. Andrea notes pure, rough concrete is a trending material, coupled with straight lines for a raw minimalism. Vitreous china is a technological advancement, as this material is thinner and can be manipulated into abstract, spectacular sink and basin designs that resemble works of art in their own right – some are only 5 millimetres thick!

Similarly, modern steel basins on enamel are an innovative lighter material that can adapt to fine lines and angles as a statement piece on your vanity. Such products have hygienic anti-bacterial coats, as well as a visual splendour, since Andrea notes they offer artisan designers a chance to showcase their talents. He personally admires the workmanship and material diversity of Murano glass, native to Venice, when it is incorporated into bathroom features.

Tapware in unique, quirky tones such as black, natural brass and bronze are also growing in popularity and these can create amazing accents. Neutral chrome tapware is a permanently trendy, classic aesthetic and Andrea prefers to select tapware to enhance the overall design concept rather than follow a trend.

Bespoke bathroom

To apply these suggestions in your own bathroom renovation or designing, assess the way you currently move around the bathroom, and how it could be streamlined or enhanced to better reflect your usage of the space.

You’ll be surprised at the creative solutions you develop!