A kitchen created by an expert in the field of kitchen design is one that will extol beauty, simplicity and timeless character. It will blend seamlessly into the style of the home in which it sits, creating a central heart of the home that draws its occupants to congregate in and around it.

Most kitchens though, are developed around prefabricated elements, which don’t generally work with differing spatial and functional requirements. “The benefit of having a bespoke kitchen designed is that it will fit exactly with whatever requirements or limitations exist in the space,” Neo Design’s Wayne Church says.

“A completely customised design is one that is tailored to fit seamlessly into the space, matching height and width requirements and made to appear as if it has always been part of the space.”

Neo Design has been working in the sector for generations, with a team of master craftsmen and designers working to develop unique, individual designs. “A well designed kitchen is an investment, not an expense,” Wayne says. “Having a kitchen designed specifically for a space with the best quality materials is an addition to any home that will instantly add value.”

Timeless character is important in kitchen design, like anything else. Having a kitchen that stays on trend or doesn’t become outdated over the years is a central part of good design.

“If you’re going to do a kitchen with standard prefabricated cabinetry and fittings, it often won’t even last a few years. What’s important is looking at the long term; using top quality materials as part of a timeless design mean that the client can be assured their investment will always be an addition of value, and one that lasts, not needing to be updated due to product issues or because it has become outdated,” Wayne says.

The other benefit of a bespoke kitchen is the range of choices available in regards to colour, materiality and finishes, all of which are significantly limited if a kitchen isn’t bespoke.

“We are seeing more and more people realising the potential of having a bespoke design. More clients have a distinct sense of the sort of style they are after and are able to articulate that to us, either themselves or through their architect. People are more involved in the design process than ever before and we are seeing those people pleasantly surprised by what is possible with a customised kitchen design – which is, realistically, almost anything within budget constraints.”

Neo Design works with architects, designers and directly with clients to develop functional, bespoke designs using the highest quality materials and finishes. “Design excellence is the foundation of everything we do, and from there, the quality of the craftsmanship and materials means our kitchens stand the test of time; they are timeless, functional and beautiful.”

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