Culinary delights: the art of bespoke kitchen

Kitchens have become the focus of many home renovations of late – it’s an area where people are spending money above other rooms in the home. Kitchens are also spaces where people are wanting to incorporate the latest hardware and technology to create contemporary, functional, easy-to-use areas.

“The availability of advancing hardware and technology is something that we’re noticing people are becoming more aware of and they’re specifically asking for when they come to us wanting a new kitchen,” Royale Kitchens’ Mathew Coles says.

“These gadgets can make a big difference to the ease of operation of a kitchen, but they do push the overall price of the kitchen up. That’s not something that is stopping people incorporating the latest technology though; we’re seeing consumers and designers specifying these products and making budgetary alterations in other areas if required,” Mathew says.

It’s no surprise really. Once you’ve used an electrically operated drawer or cupboard, it’s hard not to covet that technology in your own kitchen. For Royale Kitchens, a core part of their business includes incorporating the latest no-touch bins and electrically-operated cabinetry into their designs. Lighting is another coveted aspect of contemporary kitchens, with in-drawer and in-cupboard lighting particularly sought after.

“We’re also noticing a clear trend moving towards bigger kitchens, bigger workspaces and larger sinks and drawers,” Mathew says. “People want that ease of use – they don’t want to put a roasting tray into a shallow sink and have half of it sticking out, for example. They want to put it flat into a larger, deep sink and wash it easily and quickly.”

Sculleries or secondary kitchens are also being designed more frequently, with homeowners wanting that separate space where they can leave all the appliances on the bench – the bread maker, blender, toaster, coffee machine. “People want to create a sleek, clean main kitchen, but they also want an area where they can easily access all these items without having to fit them into cupboards or clear them away to make space.”

With the move towards bigger, deeper more cavernous spaces and storage areas, comes a need for bespoke kitchen solutions. “When people do want these non-traditional sizes and dimensions, it means they can’t just go out and buy a traditional kitchen,” Matthew says.

“All our cabinetry is custom-made or bespoke, and we are seeing a significant rise in those alternative dimensions for benchtops and cabinetry in line with this move towards larger kitchens overall. People are choosing larger appliances too – ovens, fridges, dishwashers, and so a big part of what we do is design kitchens that work perfectly around the appliances chosen.”

Having a bespoke kitchen means everything will fit exactly, down the millimetre, around the spatial requirements of the room; drawer configurations will be designed to meet the needs of the individual, and appliances will fit seamlessly into the space.

“People are moving away too, from that white-on-white look that has been popular for some time now. Instead, we’re seeing a warmer aesthetic with timbers and more natural products being used. Because everything we do is custom-made or bespoke, we can offer finishes in a vast array of materials and colour, and it’s becoming commonplace to incorporate different finishes and colours within one kitchen to create a richer, warmer feel.”

As a family-run business, Royale Kitchens have been servicing the Auckland area for more than three decades.

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