Furniture and interiors retailer Corso de’ Fiori’s Jeremy Willoughby says customers are increasingly frequenting stores with clear ideas about the look they are trying to achieve.

“People are really becoming much more involved in the interior design process than they used to be and are inspired to do it themselves, or at least have a go,” Jeremy says. “Because people are more interested in design than ever, there is now a lot more competition in the furniture and interiors market, especially at the lower end. In stores like K-Mart, you can go in and style your home cheaply and quickly.”

Tailored furniture and the new generation of DIY interior styling
Corso de’ Fiori operates at the mid to high-end of the market, sourcing products from around the world – from high-end brands to the work of undiscovered artisans. Additionally, Corso de’ Fiori have an extensive collection of New Zealand-made sofas, chairs and dining tables. With this collection, design details – such as fabric choice, sofa length, leg style, or stain finish – can be tailored to help achieve the look that customers want.

Corso de’ Fiori offers a complimentary bespoke design service to work with an increasingly design-savvy market – tailoring design details to suit individual settings. “Our stylists do home visits and work with clients to achieve the look they are after.

“What we find is, while people often have clear ideas about the aesthetics they want to achieve, they don’t always have the knowledge about how to bring the details together to achieve it.”

Timeless design and staying current
Corso de’ Fiori’s collection of New Zealand-made furniture is centred on timeless designs – both classic and contemporary – which Jeremy says is the basis of creating a home that will continue to exude style and relevance through the years.

“Colours change, but if you’ve invested in a classic piece, you can change the fabric and you’ve got an entirely refreshed aesthetic, with the same piece of furniture. A well-made sofa will last for decades and can be changed from beige linen to black velvet and suddenly you’ve got something that’s right on trend again.”

At the moment, there is a clear nod to the 1970s, with earthy tones, deep greens and dusky blues. But, as Jeremy says, cushions are the design detail that set off a sofa or a room. “They are the finishing touches that will complete the aesthetic look.”

And they’re a quick way to add a modern flair to a room without changing furniture or coverings to achieve the latest look. New cushion designs are added to Corso de Fiori throughout the year, ensuring the most contemporary colours and textures available in store.

Comfort, space and style
“What we’re also finding is that people are particularly interested in comfort as well as function. And they’re often looking for smaller pieces, as empty nesters downsize to apartments, or families live in higher density areas where space is at a premium.”

In terms of design, that often means shorter dining table lengths or round tables, or smaller, more compact sofas – all of which are achievable with Corso de’ Fiori’s New Zealand-made furniture collection, and complementary design service.

If you’re thinking about refreshing your interiors, with an idea of what you’d like to achieve, get in touch with Corso de’ Fiori on ArchiPro here for some inspiring design possibilities and expert design assistance.