Having established TRENZSEATER in 2000, a firm that specialises in tailor made luxury furniture, Ben Lewis has over a decade experience in identifying the burgeoning trends in furniture design as well as the classic, iconic silhouettes and styles that stand the test of time. Ben’s interior design has received global critical acclaim with the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review and the International Design Award. Let’s delve into what he suggests puts the fabulous in furniture.

Striking, statement pieces

With the advent of bulk and mass furniture that tends to look identical, the focus is shifting towards investing in one or two statement pieces that bring a unique flair to the room’s decor. Ben notes these pieces are larger in scale, with edgy or eye-catching silhouettes that differentiate them from the ‘norm’. He also suggests taking an eclectic approach to styling furniture so that each piece can contrast to the ones around it for maximum visual impact.

“I believe an eclectic mix of products gives the room more interest, with lots of layers to give the interior an inspiring finish to absorb and live in,” explains Ben.

Gazing into the crystal ball

Putting his design knowledge to good use, Ben predicts the upcoming trends for colour palettes and materials.

“I do think the small introduction of gorgeous tangerine oranges and peppermint green is a key colour trend that looks fantastic included in an interior as accent colours,” says Ben.

“Beautiful velvets, glazed linens and high gloss black lacquers mixed with dark oak ebony timbers are key inspirations for the year ahead. However, I am a firm believer in design being timeless – classic, not dated, yet still inspiring to the eye, so don’t reject iconic items.”

Ben adds that hand blown glass lighting with a metallic film over the glass will also be in vogue, along with gold and silver leaf on pendant lighting with gold or copper accessories.

A solid tip is to introduce trends as accents rather than the long-lasting furniture of your home. Colourful cushions, ceramic vases and other accent items can respond to the latest trend but keep your dining table and sofa timeless. Coffee tables are somewhere in between, giving you an opportunity to be experimental and try a sleek industrial look for a while or swap out for a rustic whitewashed wooden option down the road.

The angel is in the details 
Finally, attention to the details is crucial when finalising your furniture selection.

“We believe you will see a lot more detailing on sofas, like buttoning, trim details and specialty stitching – its all in the details,” emphasises Ben.

“There will also be a lot more use of luxurious velvets mixed with aged leather armchairs. We also anticipate more use of brass, copper and aged metal finishes on occasional tables.”