Spouting and gutters form the frame of most houses but this fact hasn’t always been utilised to add to the design. With a new range of uPVC coloured spouting and downpipes, that’s no longer the case with bold colours being specified to add flair and composition to homes – both contemporary and traditional alike.

Until recently, the only option for coloured spouting and downpipes in New Zealand has been pre-painted metal. But metal systems come with many disadvantages, most predominantly in their inherent predisposal to rust and higher maintenance requirements.

uPVC on the other hand doesn’t rust because of its makeup, and is ideal for New Zealand’s coastal environments. Requiring very little maintenance, uPVC rainwater systems are known for their extended durability.

Now with the introduction of coloured uPVC, its possible to create those bold design statements and ensure durability simultaneously. “Marley’s uPVC is 100 per cent recyclable as well. Any production scraps are put back into the processing and reused so there is zero waste to landfill, and Marley also accepts off-cuts or end of life product back from site to further reduce waste to landfill,” Marley’s Scott Townsend says.

“What we have found with coloured spouting and downpipes is that when Colorsteel roofing came out about 30-40 years ago, people started wanting to match their spouting and downpipe elements with their roofing.

“The difference now is that we are seeing people wanting the added advantage of the durability of uPVC and the lack of maintenance as opposed to the more problematic coloured metal alternatives.”

Along with these desired options, the demand for coloured

spouting and downpipes has hit a new high with people starting to see the potential for utilising these materials in a design-led manner.

“We’re seeing it used on everything from low-budget houses and renovations right through to high-end architecturally designed homes,” Scott says. “Our design-led range makes a much bigger deal about spouting and downpipes. It’s becoming a real feature of houses in its ability to frame and create distinct architectural profiles.

“The line where roofing and cladding join, the spouting, can provide a dramatic addition to a facade, and that’s our vision – to make more people aware of the potential of these materials aside from simply function.”

Marley recently launched its new Stratus Black range, which forms part of its existing Marley Stratus Design Series® of premium spouting and downpipes. The series now features five colours, including black, ironsand, grey friars and two metallic options – copper and titanium.

“You can really create any look with the extended colour range including the new Stratus Black, from ultra contemporary to traditional. There are two spouting shapes and different bracket options for the series, internal or external so, for example, using the copper colour with external copper brackets creates a very traditional look often favoured on villas and older homes, while using black or titanium with concealed internal brackets creates a clean, modern aesthetic.”

Visit Marley on ArchiPro here to discover what you can achieve with coloured uPVC spouting and downpipe systems.