With such a thirst for creativity in our architecture and design spheres, New Zealanders are always looking for innovation and flair in every aspect of their homes – even the smallest corners.

Marcel Eikenaar from Mardeco understands this better than almost anyone. As a leading supplier of architectural hardware in New Zealand, his team has worked hard to ensure architects, designers, home owners and specifiers have access to the world’s best fittings. They have gone another step further of late, introducing two new products to the market – M-Series sliding door hardware, and JNF hardware from Portugal. But what does this mean for designers?

What people look for in their hardware
Eikenaar explains that when it comes to hardware in doors, kitchens and bathrooms, there are several key elements that designers need to focus on – and that the M-Series caters for.

“Hardware is about usability in its fitting, function and the way it feels,” Eikenaar explains. “It has to feel good in the hand, so the ergonomic design and smooth elegant sliding function of the M-Series is essential.”

“It is suitable for both timber and aluminium doors, kitchens and cabinetry drawers, as well as cupboards.”

For many people, installation of hardware is a tripping point, as they don’t know how to install fittings correctly. Instruction manuals, online applications and allen keys are examples of how Mardeco provides solutions to this for New Zealanders looking to fit out their own homes. Practicality and style are twin focal points for consumers, Eikenaar explains.

“People will always look at the design first. You are going to look at and feel this product on a daily basis, so it has to pleasing to the eye. Ensuring it is suitable for the application, checking that it will fit the door you have in mind are also incredibly important.”

A New Zealand first for European flair 
The JNF range of products is another feature of what Mardeco offers – Eikenaar explains why this is so important.

“JNF’s product range has actually opened up more than 5,000 hardware product lines to the New Zealand market,” he says.

“They have a 1600-page catalogue that our clients like to nickname ‘The Hardware Bible’ – that’s how big they are. With products that nobody has seen in Australasia before, we are bringing some real European flair to the local market for the very first time.”

These products are also perfectly suited for New Zealand conditions. The base material in the door, kitchen and bathroom hardware is 304 Stainless Steel, which is the ideal solution for designers concerned about the impact New Zealand’s harsh coastal conditions can have on their homes.

This also means designers and home owners get the highest quality products, thanks to in-house testing. It delivers a wider range of solutions for residential and commercial hardware issues than NZ has previously seen.

This kind of luxury and high quality goes beyond the everyday in your home’s hardware, and Mardeco is the only agent and supplier of these products on a local level.