Designing your dream home is a delicate process. Between architects, builders and product suppliers, you have a huge number of decisions to make from start to finish. Decisions made right from the get-go are going to influence how your home is going to look, feel and function.

Building your own home is an incredibly personal task, and if you can't get on the same page as the people designing it, you might not end up with what you want.

At Archipro, we are NZ's largest resource for architecture online, connecting over 40,000 website visitors with the right companies to help them with their building process, and now we're taking it to the next level with a meet, greet and eat event that shouldn't be missed!
Meet, greet and eat
We are hosting an exclusive event and have invited some of the best architects and builders to give you the opportunity to meet with each of them, discuss your big plans and find someone who understands your vision, all whilst enjoying an evening of champagne, fine food and music.

You can bring your drawings, mood boards, site pictures and ideas. It's a prestigious opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the best minds that you could engage to design a property.
Why attend?
Choosing builders and architects is one of the most crucial steps in creating a home. These are the people that will bring your ideas to life, creating a home that you will live in for the long term. Without building a strong relationship from the outset and having confidence in one another, the process can fall apart.

This event gives you the chance to establish these relationships, ask anything you need and get to know people you could work with. It is a level of intimacy and access that you simply can't get anywhere else, and we would love you to come and join us.
Opportunities to have frank, professional and illuminating conversations about your dream home don't come along too often. For a chance to meet the perfect professional for you needs, make sure to get in touch. There are limited spaces for this exclusive event, with tickets available at $129 per couple. Click here to register your interest.