It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! But have you noticed that not everything is swathed in a red-and-green colour palette this year? Instead, a more sophisticated scheme of neutral tones is emerging with pops of metallic shimmer and shine, combining for a rather elegant aesthetic.

Let's delve into the top three trending decor themes for chic Christmas decor in 2015, so you can impress your guests with the latest on-trend decorations. After all, interior design is more than just an artform, it's a complete lifestyle.

This means that decorating your home for special occasions like Christmas should factor in the latest on-trend styles, the same way that any savvy stylist would keep their finger on the pulse of what is trending in the interior world.

1. Merry metallics 
Considering the dazzling popularity of the metallic trend throughout 2015, it's no surprise that the top Christmas decor concept for this year incorporates gold, silver, bronze, copper and other metallic surfaces and colours into your set-up.

While the obvious application of this trend would be to use baubles, ornaments, tinsel and tableware in these sparkling tones to adorn your Christmas tree and dining table, you can think long-term by investing in edgy lighting fixtures that not only tie into a Christmas-theme but will look glamorous all year round.

A classic example is the Taraxacum suspension fixture by Flos at ECC, featuring 60 clear Globolux lamps that resemble Christmas baubles with a bronzed rose metallic fitting. 

2. Nature's Noel 
The first Noel, the angels did say… As for the interior designers, they're humming to the tune of an organic, natural palette of

creme, beige, tan and brown for Christmas decor. Pine wood cut-out ornaments of reindeer, creme stars to top the tree and presents wrapped in brown paper with twine are your visual inspiration for this trend. Think earthy, but elegant. 

Incorporate as many natural materials and surfaces into the decor as possible. Consider burlap table runners, Hessian cloth napkins, wax candles, wooden coasters and plenty of plants and floral centrepieces for your dinner table. 

Another efficient design strategy would be to revamp your dining room in neutral tones for a year-round chic feel. The Goldie chairs by Arketipo at Ultimate Living are statement pieces that would look stunning nestled around your dining table not only for meals over this festive season, but throughout the year. 

3. White-on-white winter wonderland 
Finally, while we can enjoy a sunny summer Christmas, a key international trend for 2015 Christmas decor is to embrace the minimalism of a white-on-white wintry theme. Snowflakes, crystal icicles, white feathers wrapped through wreaths, snowmen ornaments and a variety of all-white decorative objects can be used to bring this look alive. For contemporary homes already bathed in minimalist design and pared-back modern furniture, this monochromatic white theme is ideal for cohesiveness and harmony in the space.

There's a mystical, magical feel to snowscapes, so this theme can bring a touch of whimsy and frozen fantasy to your yuletide parties. Why not enjoy this whimsy in every season by installing the Heracleum lamp, also available at ECC?

This majestic wreath-shaped lamp will not only suit a Christmas theme, but it's on-trend in white tones, too – not to mention, it would look spectacular in a lounge or above a dining table for years to come. The Heracleum leaves are not frozen in one position, but can be easily rotated around the stem and re-positioned as a constantly moving force of nature.

Merry Christmas to you all, and we hope it's beginning to look a lot like a chic Christmas everywhere you go in your home!