International interiors: bringing global style to New Zealand

With New Zealanders on top of global trends and actively engaging in interior styling networks online, furniture suppliers and interior designers are finding themselves faced with requests for pieces to match a specific style more than ever before.

“International design in every imaginable form is only a few clicks and key strokes away. Globalisation has certainly helped put a diverse range of interior design styles and products at hand, but with such an incredible variety it can still be hard to figure out what to purchase or how to put together a scene,” Hawthorne Group’s Aaron Wiltshire says.

It’s a situation that’s relatively new for furniture suppliers and retailers alike, and represents a shifting paradigm for the market. “That’s where our focus is now and we are continuing to grow and develop our product range in conjunction with what our resellers are looking for.”

“It is a change of direction for us, we have mostly concentrated on industrial and classic furniture which had its limits. Now that we’re working a lot more closely with interior designers and our retailers, our ranges are evolving and growing in line with what the market is asking for and can’t source locally, which is an exciting development.”

Hawthorne Group launched its operations in New Zealand seven years ago, and is led by a dynamic team who, between them, have over 50 years’ experience in the furniture industry.

Everything from leather sofas and recycled elm dining tables through to original and classic pieces from China and India are incorporated in the diverse range, which is managed deftly through countless connections with overseas suppliers and manufacturers of quality furniture.

“We have built on the Hawthorne style, making it one that is

influenced by global design rather than a range of products to fill the gap we saw in the market,” Aaron says. “So, our travels take us to many places far and wide – one week we might be walking the streets of India, and the next the streets of Paris.

“For us watching design trends means always being in the know. Buildings are around for a long period of time so we like to select pieces of furniture that are timeless. We like to explore beyond the latest fashions and add a unique twist – those pieces that are slightly different but will work in any setting,” explains Aaron.

“We’re finding that the market is favouring a range of styles within their interiors, utilising modern and traditional pieces in the same setting. Often, this means choosing stand-out traditional pieces alongside more contemporary furniture with clean lines and muted colours. Traditional pieces also have a bit more flexibility and, by incorporating their singular elements like this, it allows a setting to be completely customised.”

“Our aim is to make it easier for New Zealanders to be able to purchase pieces in line with their stylistic intentions in New Zealand.”

Hawthorne Group has a network of resellers throughout the country with an ever-evolving collection of everything from antiques and classic pieces to contemporary, international and industrial furniture.

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