Natural elegance through interior design

The interior design market in New Zealand is growing at pace, possibly because the number of architecturally-designed new builds are on the rise, and people find themselves time-poor and wanting to engage professionals to pull their project together.

Trenzseater’s Ben Lewis says while he finds more and more clients are internationally savvy and know generally what they are after because they’re able to research online and are aware of the options, where clients struggle is finding the right products to create the look they want, which is often the most time consuming part of the design process.

“A central part of a good interior design service is sourcing and bringing together products for the client,” Ben says. “For clients, ensuring they team up with the right designer is critical. They need to make sure they’re working with someone who has the most in common with them in terms of design appreciation and style.”

And that can often be hard to ascertain at a first meeting. Ben suggests looking through a designer’s portfolio is a good start, and ensuring that designer can provide the level of services required, for example, if a full service is required, is that designer able to offer CAD drawings, floor plans and renders. “It’s also important to know what space in the market a designer has been working in. If they’ve been working at the lower end of the market, it’s likely they won’t have much knowledge with high-end products, for example.”

The Trenzseater Interior Design Service was borne of the original Trenzseater business, which was formed in 2000 as a high-end furniture designer and reseller. What became clear to Ben was the need for a full interior design service focused at the high-end of the market. That service now operates nationwide, and has received international accolade for its work in the sector, both here and abroad.

Trenzseater’s style is instantly recognisable. With a definite masculinity about it, it’s bold yet classic designs are timeless. “People really appreciate our classic style because they know they’re getting something that won’t date and will stand the test of time,” Ben says.

Because Trenzseater is also a furniture designer and manufacturer, part of the service is creating tailor-made bespoke solutions, while matching those with their range of internationally-sourced brands.

“In line with the classic style, we use a lot of natural products like seagrass wallpapers, and materials like silk, linen and hemp to create a timeless luxury.” While materials are important to any successful interior design work, it is in the detail that the most is achieved.

“It’s details that offer tactility and vibrancy of colour. It’s the details that give a room personality and character.” A distinctive part of the Trenzseater style is luxurious detail; from intricately patterned or textured wallpapers and drapery to lighting choice, unique features and bespoke furniture, they all combine to create Trenzseater’s sophisticated, natural elegance.

Trenzseater Interior Design offers a full service including floor plans, CAD drawings and renders and provides tailor-made bespoke furniture, while also working with lighting, drapery, flooring and kitchen and bathroom design.

If you’re interested in what a high-end full interior design service can offer, get in touch with Trenzseater here, or visit their Auckland or Christchurch showrooms. They also have an exciting new Queenstown showroom currently under construction, due to open in late 2017.