Off the wall: a new generation of feature walls

A myriad of colour, texture and images jump off the wall, almost literally, with some designs so deceiving you’re hard pressed not to immediately walk up and touch them to test whether in fact they’re two or three dimensional.

These designs are part of a new trend, and they’re created with a bespoke Italian wallpaper. Perhaps only for the brave, but for those willing to take a leap of faith, these papers are causing a stir in the world of feature walls – a far cry from the efforts of the early naughties when lurid bright splashes of red were all too common.

Whether it’s a forest scene or a three-dimensional wave so vivid you want to reach out and touch it, the Ava range of wallpaper by La Fabbrica has given rise to a new generation of feature walls in New Zealand homes.

Wallpaper has, for some time now, been a less-favoured option, with paint and other options leading the way in domestic applications. Added to that, skilled wallpaperers are hard to come by; a sign of the slowing demand for high-quality wallpapers.

“With advanced technology and these new solutions available, wallpaper is definitely making a comeback,” The Tile Depot’s general manager Mike Syddall says. The Tile Depot started importing the Italian range Ava recently and has seen an immediate surge in its popularity.

This isn’t your standard wallpaper though, it’s akin to a piece of art, and something that will make a bold statement in any room, changing the feel of a room or entire house.

While not something you’d line all the walls in your home with, it’s the perfect solution to create a bold feature in living areas, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. “There are three options available in 

the Ava range, the standard option, a Lux option, which is partially three-dimensional, and a waterproof option.”

The waterproof option is currently being used overseas and is approved for use in New Zealand, but The Tile Depot are still working with adhesive experts to approve an adhesive system suitable for the product.

The Ava range has about 50 different designs from which clients can choose. “The process then is that the client can work with our design team to best fit their requirements. Once a decision has been made a photo of the wall to be papered is sent to the Italian factory. They then photoshop the design onto the wall, and the client can play with the design, moving it to fit the space as they desire,” Mike says.

Once the design has been finalised, the paper is custom-made to fit the area and shipped to New Zealand within two weeks.

“For the right house and the right layout, this can create a real masterpiece. It’s effectively a piece of art on your wall.”

The wallpaper is scratch and tear-resistant, and can be washed with warm soapy water if any marks or stains are caused. Made with eco-friendly materials it’s PVC-free, and fire and water-resistant. “Because it’s UV-resistant too, it means that the colour won’t fade over time, so you’re buying a piece of art that will last.”

If your home or commercial space is in need of a lift, get in touch with The Tile Depot here to find out more.