Recipe for success: Keystone™ by IQ Commercial

Organisational growth, changes in management, and fluctuations in economy mean the office is in constant flux. What may have worked as an office layout only a couple of months ago quickly becomes redundant.

Traditional office furniture is expensive, bulky and largely inflexible. Modular furniture is one solution to the problem, but until now it has largely been restricted to workstations and filing systems. Areas for collaboration, relaxation and focus are essential to keeping teams fully engaged and productive – and these too need to be able to adapt.

Enter Keystone™. Last month, the New Zealand-designed range was launched globally, creating a new way to invest in office furniture for the future. Essentially, Keystone™ is a modular furniture system – a kit of parts – offering an inventory of interchangeable components or ‘ingredients’, as designers IQ Commercial describe them, which can be combined and reconfigured into any number of ‘recipes’ allowing organisations the freedom to change and evolve with minimal investment.

As IQ Commercial Director Blair McKolskey says, the system is an excellent representation of the company’s purpose, “By utilising eight years of research into workplace methodologies we have created an original design which helps drive organisational performance and enable our commercial clients to succeed.”

Building on IQ Commercial’s successful ‘Focus Pod’ family which is now sold in 14 different countries, Keystone™ brings a next generation approach to the challenges of office floor plates. “We first understood one challenge to be the conflicting requirements between the need for creative, collaborative areas versus acoustically effective spaces for focused work. Keystone offerssuperior acoustic performance while also providing the

flexibility to adapt to changing requirements in a short space of time.”

An unlimited number of layouts and combinations can be created with the Keystone components, which can all be bought individually, and can later be adapted to create different combinations should the need arise.

Keystone™ was also designed using a world-leading application of a nanofibre that hasn’t been used in this manner before.  With thousands of layers of Phonix™ nanofibre in a proprietary composite; the microscopic fibres create an indelibly thin, dense web allowing for superior acoustic qualities and freedom for different ways of working within an open plan floor plate.

While Keystone utilises certified sustainable products, McKolskey describes IQ Commercial’s outlook on sustainability as more than a sum of certified products. “For us, sustainability takes a different approach. We believe that we need to be responsible to ourselves in the way we design, using only essential elements and ensuring each component has a real use and value. Because Keystone™ is agile and can adapt to change, shifting with locations, staff changes, and ways of working, it is not wasteful and is more sustainable in its longevity than other office furniture.”

And that in itself is the real power of Keystone™. There’s no need for that crystal ball to forecast your future office requirements. For more information on Keystone™ by IQ Commercial, click here.