Space is often of the essence in kitchen designs for apartments and other smaller residential dwellings such as retirement village units. It is in projects like these where smart storage solutions that maximise the use of available space are highly sought after.

Gavin Harris, sales manager of Samet NZ, says while there is a lot of choice around kitchen fittings and accessories in the marketplace, there is a clear trend towards pull-out systems for smaller dwellings.

“Pull out systems – pantries and drawers – can achieve the most in small areas and have many benefits for everyone, though especially for our older generations who may not want to lean into a pantry or into a cupboard and prefer to pull a pantry or drawer into the room for easy access” Harris says.

Samet is the exclusive New Zealand distributor of the Menage Confort range, which incorporates a contemporary combination of innovative pull out solutions for the kitchen. The Menage Confort pull out pantry has proved particularly popular of late, with it recently being selected to supply into the Sugartree Apartments development in central Auckland, and also into various retirement village projects.

“The Menage Confort pull out pantry allows for more design flexibility because of its multiple width options. The most popular system is 400mm wide with five shelves that pull out into the kitchen space for easy access,” Harris says. “It means also that they can be placed strategically, in small spaces close to fridges to ensure that dynamic kitchen sink-oven-fridge and pantry combination works functionally.”

The other popular pull-out system is for a corner cupboard, where space is traditionally poorly utilised and difficult to access. “These are really functional products that are built for purpose, not just to look beautiful aesthetically, which they also do.”

The corner pull-out range includes either a ‘dolphin unit’ – a double shelf that swivels out into the space, or a revolving carousel unit. These corner units are essentially mini pull-out pantries designed for beneath the benchtop.

The most advanced of the corner cupboard options is the revolving carousel unit, which incorporates automatic spin doors that retract and shut automatically after a full turn, allowing for immediate and easy access to the full contents of the cupboard.

Pull out waste systems are also on the rise alongside the general population’s move towards more sustainable living. The Menage Confort waste system incorporates a pull out drawer with twin 35 litre ‘bins’ on a 40 kg runner. “While initially designed as a split waste system, we are seeing these used as food storage areas, particularly for larger families who are more environmentally conscious and choose to buy foodstuffs in bulk where possible.”

The Menage Confort range is designed and manufactured in Spain. All the systems are run on full extension soft-close and easy open roller runners and are finished with chrome-plated steel. Shelving is finished with an anti-slip melamine base.

As a leading international brand, the price point is very competitive, with the products themselves matching the high quality of traditionally-favoured European kitchen manufacturing countries Germany and Italy.

Samet NZ is a family owned and operated business that has been distributing state-of-the-art products with a lifetime warranty to the New Zealand market since 2011. The group’s main supplier Samet International was founded in 1973, growing rapidly to become of the top five global kitchen and furniture hardware manufacturers, offering a comprehensive range of drawer, hinge and overhead cupboard systems.

Samet NZ became the exclusive distributer of Menage Confort in early 2015, adding the Spanish manufacturer’s pull-out pantries, wire-ware and bin systems to its offerings with the aim of delivering high-quality, European product to the New Zealand market at an affordable price.

If innovative space savings and accessible cabinetry solutions are what you’re after, make sure you check out Samet NZ’s full range here.