For over three decades, the team at The Fireplace have been designing elegant, chic, safe and highly functional fireplaces for New Zealand households and corporate centres.

As a key provider of all three major fuel types – gas, wood and electric – they have now launched a new ‘NES’ National Environmental Air Quality Standards and ECAN (Environment Canterbury) approved fireplace. We spoke to Gordon Subritzky about this innovative, sustainable and stylish fireplace, along with the other impressive fireplace products they offer.

Embracing a Clean Air strategy

The NES standard was developed to define acceptable emission levels that contributed to the heavy smog problems that occurred over Christchurch, during most winter months.

“It became apparent that a lot of open fires and old burners using wood and coal were contributing to this overall smog problem, whenever these air inversion conditions occurred,” explains Gordon.

As a result, the ‘Clean Air’ strategy was formed and evolved over time into the NES for emissions control, particularly for solid fuel fires.
This standard sets emissions for solid fuel fires to be 1.5g/kg of fuel burnt (or less) and for these fires to have a thermal efficiency of better than 65 per cent, as measured under a controlled joint AS/NZS testing standard. In a nutshell, these fires are much better for the environment.

“Our Stovax Riva Studio 2 product actually exceeds this requirement with an emission of 1.0g/kg of fuel burnt and has a thermal efficiency of 66 per cent,” says Gordon. “Currently, this fire is the only In-Built wide landscape presentation fire that meets or exceeds the NES standard.”

Blending style with sustainability

Aside from being a sustainable market-leader in New Zealand, this new NES fireplace has a modern, clean aesthetic that suits contemporary architecture. A unique wide viewing display for the flames brings a cosy yet luxurious feel to the design.

These fireplaces look like statement pieces in a home’s lounge or in the foyer of a commercial building. An added perk for the latter is that if a business prides itself on being green and environmentally conscious, installing these fireplaces showcases that they walk the talk.

The Stovax Riva Studio wood fires have an option available that enables the fire to draw its combustion air direct from the atmosphere (depending on the fires location). This means less impact on internal air in today’s modern sealed constructions.

The other plus is the fire uses wood, a renewable resource with far less impact on the environment than most other fuels.
“Other fuels tend to be reliant on the oil and gas industry sourced from subterranean mining,” explains Gordon.

A flair for romance

“We are flame fire specialists,” concluded Gordon. “Our Jetmaster alfresco open fires, both in wood and gas, have had an immense stylistic impact especially in the high-end of the market where the romance of an open flame is a prime prerequisite.”

The Fireplace has been involved with the creative team behind radiating warmth at the prestigious Huka Lodge, Kauri Cliffs and Blanket Bay.

“We have many more in the wings awaiting supply from The Fireplace,” adds Gordon.

If you’re planning on adding a snug fireplace that looks glamorous, consider this NES fireplace for a clean, green addition to your home or business.