Today’s kitchen is often on display, a focal point in a home’s social hub. At the same time, great kitchen design often specifies a minimalist finish because this not only meets current trends, but is better suited to a well-used space that can become untidy and cluttered.

It stands to reason that successful kitchen storage hardware would follow the same lines. Slamming drawers that seem over-stocked, which are hard to access and difficult to see into not only distract from the cooking experience, but make it unpleasant. Instead, storage can and should streamline food preparation. After all, the pleasures of cooking and eating are fundamental to happy moments with friends and family.

We talked to Access Group Sales Director Marty Boakes about some of the solutions available to home owners and kitchen designers that enhance the cooking experience as well as meet design standards.

“The kitchen is a creative space, and storage should support rather than get in the way of that,” says Marty.

“Intelligent design should encompass detail that minimises complexity, noise and distraction, so that the kitchen and all its joinery not only looks good, but works well too.”

Access Group’s Vauth-Sagel range of pull-put pantries and kitchen storage solutions are one example geared toward the demand for ‘intelligent’ kitchen hardware.

“What we are seeing is that home-owners want hardware that doesn’t complicate or distract from the cooking process, nor from the look of the space,” says Marty.

“As many of the kitchens that feature our product are open-plan, this cross over of style and functionality is important.”

Targeted at the higher end of the residential market, the German-manufactured line includes three shelf finish options; the Saphir, a chromed wire basket, the Premea that has solid-based shelves with a chromed wire surround and the premium product, the Premea Artline. This has a solid base shelf with chrome-surround glass panels.

“In particular, with the Premea Artline spec, we talk about creation of space, and minimising distraction.

“A key factor in the decision to specify Premea Artline is the ability to have an unobstructed view into the shelf, which as we know is often stocked up with numerous jars, bottles, boxes and so on. The glass panels enable easy visibility and accessibility. They seem to create space rather than complicate it.”

The Vauth-Sagel range also has a gentle controlled-closing system that prevents loud slamming, so nothing interrupts the process of cooking, or indeed the socialising in the open living space.

But it also fits well with contemporary design, says Marty.

“Minimalist design includes elements such as linear handles and negative details. Products such as from Vauth-Sagel’s range work well with this aesthetic because they are sleek and uncomplicated.”

Designers and home owners have the choice to get a consistent look and feel across the kitchen, he adds.
“We see Vauth-Sagel specified in custom-built, architecturally designed kitchens, chosen because of the reputation for quality, consistency and dependability, and because it offers a full range.”

Whether you’re a foodie or someone who wants a kitchen solely to impress the guests, hardware solutions that enhance rather than diminish kitchen functionality and design are worth.