When is a ceiling not a ceiling? When it’s a stretch ceiling, of course. Chris Ramsey from Stretch Master-Barrisol notes that Barrisol Stretch Ceilings offer a new way of looking at ceiling spaces, with endless opportunities to add flair and creativity to residential and commercial design. Click here for a free sample.

New Zealand has been missing out on the world’s leading stretch ceiling brand, a French company called Barrisol – until now. Thanks to Stretch Master-Barrisol, New Zealand will join the 300 countries with access to these products.

How stretch ceilings work
These high-end architectural products usually consist of two components: the main rail and the ceiling material itself. There are 80 types of railings that can be screwed around the perimeter of a room, and the very thin and flexible ceiling material is stretched to fit the railing at a temperature of around 45 degrees.

Stretch Master-Barrisol installs these products without causing any dust or debris. They are fully recyclable and can be customised to allow for less conventional spaces, as well as working with speakers or other ceiling implements.

Endless versatility
Barrisol stretch ceilings can transform office spaces, hospitals, museums and concert halls – anywhere that acoustic comfort is crucial. To introduce natural light and airflow, Barrisol products can be perforated, while still filtering and absorbing noise pollution and they can also be backlit or layered in any 3D shape, for unique visual appeal.

The micro bio range also adds another layer of creativity and cleanliness that has proven popular for dental surgeries, hospitals and GP clinics.

Ramsey thinks the backlighting is his favourite part of the Barrisol product range. “Especially with the translucent materials; you can put coloured lights behind them for a real fluorescent feel, which you can’t get with any other product range.”

In addition to 230 different colours, the textures range from matte and mirrored to wood grain and concrete. They can also be printed in love hearts, circles and any custom design that you can imagine.

Global variety, local accessibility
Designers that have been looking for a cost-effective and extremely stylish option for their ceilings need look no further. Stretch Master-Barrisol has already begun installing Barrisol stretch ceilings for numerous sites across Auckland, and you can now experience the excellence by getting in touch with the team.

Alternatively, you can drop into their showroom – check out the endless versatility that they offer yourself! Click here for a free sample.