Timeless shutters
Often used as a way to draw design elements through older homes with modern extensions, and to aesthetically link living and bedroom areas with bathrooms and wet areas, timber shutters are a way to define a home’s style.

“We’re finding shutters are being requested by architects a lot more than they used to,” Shutters by Artisan’s Mike Fenn says. “I think it’s about both the design and functionality of the product. Wood is a great natural insulator and larger blade sizes offer great light control and outward visibility.”

As a means to light and temperature control, shutters provide a useful solution. When shut, the blades act as a good insulator for the colder months, and because they’re adjustable, it’s a way to control the light entering an area.
Timber shutters are versatile in their ability to be crafted to suit any size or shaped window, and can be utilised as hinged, sliding or bi-fold solutions. Skylight solutions are also possible and Artisan can provide the option to automate shutters in less accessible windows.

Shutters by Artisan developed their range of bespoke premium timber and PVC shutters to meet the market when it became clear recently that there was a demand for this sort of product. It’s recently launched an extensive offering, with a PVC option suitable for wet areas including bathrooms and high-use spaces.

“The timber we use for our main range is an FSC-certified hardwood imported from China called basswood. It’s a lightweight
timber but very stable so the ideal solution for hinged shutters,” Mike says. “Once it’s sealed with the painted finish, any moisture content already in the wood is retained and no moisture can enter or exit, which maintains the integrity of the blade enabling it to maintain its shape.”

“As a design feature, timber shutters provide an additional way to add interest to a room. Because the blade sizes differ, architects can also specify narrow or wide blades, significantly changing the aesthetics of a space. Blade size also needs to be looked at as a matter of function, and not all blade size will work with each setting, for example if there is something in the room that they would butt up against when open.”
Each shutter is custom-made by Shutters by Artisan, and therefore can be tailor-made to fit triangular, round or arched windows – and according to Mike, automated shutters are becoming a more popular solution for skylights too. ‘Shutters by Artisan’ also offers the option to custom paint both timber and PVC versions of their shutters for a very small premium ensuring full integration with internal colour schemes from bathroom to back door.

“What we’re seeing, particularly in Auckland, is the use of timber shutters in high-end renovations of older homes. Even though it’s a traditional product, the nice clean lines of shutters make them popular in old and new. We’re seeing them used seamlessly throughout renovations, right through from the original bay windows at the front of villa-type houses, through to the window coverings in a modern extension at the exterior of the house. And then people are using them in bathrooms and wet areas to create visual connections in all areas of a home.”

Shutters by Artisan offers a consultation service for architects and designers, as well a full service from quote and measure through to installation.

Be sure to get in touch with Shutters by Artisan about your next project. Visit them here on ArchiPro or drop by their Auckland showroom.