Tonal concrete: a new world of colour

We often change and update the colour palette and decor in residential and commercial interiors, but it isn’t often we change the tones of the flooring in these spaces, especially with concrete floors.

Traditional poured concrete floors can be a stunning addition to many interiors, but they aren’t always easy to achieve, especially in retrofit situations, which is where the Concreate flooring and wall panel system came about – an alternative to traditional concrete floors.

Concreate is a system of polished concrete floor and wall panels designed to be glued down in either new or retrofit projects. It’s a tongue and groove system that works in a similar way to timber planks but with a completely different visual aesthetic, combining the benefits of concrete with some of the aesthetics of traditional timber flooring.

It’s a system that has become particularly popular in New Zealand of late as more people look for a contemporary, clean aesthetic. “This polished concrete flooring is very unique and the only system of its kind in the world,” Concreate’s Mark Wilson says.

“Until recently, we had two main grey colour options – a natural and a dark grey. Grey has always been the most popular choice for polished concrete flooring but we are seeing that changing and so we’ve developed the new colour range to meet the market,” Mark says.

“We started getting requests for variations in colour and so that’s

where this started. Grey, around the world, is very much still on point in regards to colour trends so we decided to come up with a range of new greys as a start. Obviously, concrete itself is grey so what we’ve done is take it from almost black right through to a dark grey, a natural grey, then into a bronze grey, which is a really warm tone, and then through to the silver grey, which is a really light colour.”

Flooring is an area from which the mood of a room can pivot. For some years, rich, dark timber was the flavour of choice for flooring, creating deep, moody interiors. That’s moved now towards lighter timbers, which create airy, light spaces. “And that’s exactly what can be achieved now with this new colour range, in concrete.”

With traditional poured concrete, you can use oxides to create some different colours. “The difference with this range is that we are providing more variety and meeting the market with a new colour range that suits different, contemporary decors.”

And because Concreate is a panel system, it opens the doors to design creativity when planning a concrete floor or wall solution. “We’re starting to see more people look outside the box and use a range of different coloured panels within one floor to create a multi-tonal effect,” Mark says. “We’re also seeing different shades specified for flooring and wall areas, and creating really distinct visual contrasts using colours from different ends of the spectrum, which can create a brick-like effect in a feature area.”

Get in touch with Concreate on ArchiPro here to see how you could utilise this new colour range.