The leading interior design trend forecasters are collectively saying that bathrooms will be a central focus in 2016 – not as drab, typically overlooked spaces but rather as luxuriously styled and designed living areas.

Expect to see sleek, chic minimalist bath tubs, an elegant vanity and even a small sofa with cushions inside tucked into an alcove of the bathroom above statement tiled flooring. The aim is to bring a spa feel into your home, especially for ensuite bathrooms connected to master bedrooms. Let's splash into this emerging trend. 

Tantalising tubs
Some quirky designers recommend mixing and matching contemporary aesthetics with vintage classics, such as using marble flooring or modern neutral-tone floor tiles but installing an ornate, antique tub with claw feet. An alternative is to embrace a clean all-white minimalist tub. There are many options in the freestanding bath range by Boffi.

Draping soft, fluffy towels over the edge of the tub completes the look – especially if the colour of the towels complement or match a snug Designer Rug placed next to the tub for safe yet stylish exits from the bath. Small tables or shelves with scented candles, bath bombs and handmade soap are the finishing touches. 

Organic accents
The burgeoning trend for 2016 is undoubtedly the boom of organic materials, both for environmental and aesthetic reasons – the warmth of wood and earthy textures soften the harshness of contemporary lines, making the combination an idyllic blend in interior decor. The result is a sophisticated simplicity. 

"Organic architecture seeks superior sense of use and a finer sense of comfort, expressed in organic simplicity," famously said Frank Lloyd Wright, the father of organic architecture and a cherished designer. 

It's the natural comfort of organic wooden flooring or cabinetry, shelves or even sinktops in a bathroom that brings a tranquil spa-feel to the space.

A wooden bench layered with cushions in tactile, textured fabrics such as linen or velvet would be a sublime addition to a bathroom corner. Complement the wooden panelling and furniture with large, leafy potted plants. 

Industrial-style fittings
Finally, your showerheads and tapware should nod to current technologies. Latest cutting-edge designs such as rose-shaped showerheads and curved tap fittings, available from In ResidenceLED lighting in the shower is also growing in popularity, adding a futuristic vibe.