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The beauty of perfection

Annett and Klaus Todt have spent their working life in furniture design and creation. In their native land of Germany they ran their own successful joinery, where they discovered both the art of true craftsmanship and also their passion for groundbreaking interior design.

Klaus grew up surrounded by three generations craftsmen in his family’s traditional workshop in Germany. Trained and qualified in a land where only perfection is good enough, his cabinet making career started with the age of sixteen and he graduated six years later with a master degree in cabinet making and furniture design. He gained a further six years of experience in several furniture workshops.

His passion for the exceptional led him to start his first Design and Furniture Making business in 1997, which he run for over ten years.

A tempting job offer in New Zealand arose and after weighing up all aspects, he moved with his young family to the Wanaka region. After the successful completion of the project, Klaus looked for a new challenge and the family made Nelson their home.

In 2009 the Living Design online shop was launched with the first furniture collection and wooden accessories. Soon the demand on high quality furniture was growing and couldn't be fulfilled in the part time business.
A full workshop was set up, and Living Design evolved in what it is today.


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