Create your own bespoke booth seating

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14 July 2024


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As homes become smaller, thinking outside the box is important to maximise the space available without compromising on style. For this reason, booth seating is becoming a popular option.

Often when we think about making the most of a space, multi-functional furniture and clever storage solutions can be front of mind. Another solution is one that has been a mainstay in commercial design for decades: the booth seat. 

A popular choice for restaurants and other hospitality venues, booth seats are often in an L-shaped or horseshoe formation. Providing an intimate dining experience, plenty of comfort for all ages and a compact design, they are becoming increasingly in demand for residential spaces.

“People are downsizing their homes and there are more and more smaller houses being built, so people are trying to be more cost-effective and space-efficient with their spaces. What was traditionally considered a commercial booth seat, we are now seeing in residential houses and high-end homes,” says Lounge Design’s Sharon Milburn.

Passionate about creating comfortable, functional and timeless furniture that works for your space, the Lounge Design team has been crafting quality products for over 30 years.

“We were in Lunn Avenue for about 12 years and we’ve just recently moved this year into our current premises on Morrin Road. There was also a change of ownership with my husband and I taking over the business in 2019,” says Milburn. 

“We work with a lot of interior designers. We have our own stock on the floor that’s available for purchase, but we also do customised designs. If you’ve got an idea of something but you haven’t seen exactly what you like out there in any of the stores, then you can come to us and we’ll work with you to produce something that is very customised.”

Designing your own bespoke booth seating

If you’re a homeowner looking to incorporate a booth seat design into your new build or renovation project, visiting Lounge Design for a site visit to go over any details is the first step.

“We can come up with a simple drawing, go over what you need, and then we can get started,” says Milburn. 

If you’ve engaged an interior designer, the process is similar. 

“More often than not, our work comes through from a designer or specify who already has architectural drawings. They often also have the booths made by a kitchen designer if there’s also a kitchen being installed for the project. So we can also just do the upholstery for the booth seating if needed.”

When it comes to choosing the right upholstery fabric, Lounge Design has accounts with all the major fabric houses in New Zealand with a vast catalogue of swatches available to look through. 

“We’ve got the experience to know what fabrics will work for different situations,” says Milburn. “Leather is good for this application because it’s easy to clean, and there’s been a lot of growth in the vinyl market which is another great option. There are a lot of really nice types of vinyl available now. The same for fabrics that have waterproof triton backing.”

James Dunlop Textiles has a range of stylish, easy-clean FibreGuard fabrics, similar to Warwick’s halo fabrics and Charles Parsons’ guardian range. 

“Each of the fabric houses is developing more and more easier to clean fabrics because that’s what clients want these days. The fabric choices are endless; there’s always something nice that’s coming in and there’s always something new. A trend at the moment is fluting and quilted details that add an extra element to the design.”

It’s important to consider how the space will be used. Is it a dining area, or an extra seating area that will be used for lounging? The latter might mean a more luxurious fabric would be best.

“We always try to do a site visit so we can get a feel for the space. It also means that if we see something that isn’t quite right in the plans, we can work with the designers to come up with something that the homeowners will genuinely enjoy,” says Milburn.

“People have often seen something in an overseas magazine or they’ve found inspiration from somewhere and they’re trying to replicate that. They’ve often got a firm idea of what they want, but are unsure of how to go about it. What’s important is they’ve got a good starting base.”

If a compact booth seat design is the right option for your next residential project, get in touch with Lounge Design to see what’s possible and explore the vast range of fabric options.