Top Review; The 10 Best Handyman Services in Auckland - Cladding and Roofing NZ
Top Review; The 10 Best Handyman Services in Auckland

Top Review; The 10 Best Handyman Services in Auckland

Words by Craft Construction

Top Review name Craft Construction Group in The 10 Best Handyman Services

Craft Construction Group celebrate being reveiwed as #8 of The 10 Best Handyman Services in Auckland. A handyman is an all-in-one service that can do plumbing, electrical, gardening, cleaning, carpentry work, and others

"Top Review are a specialist review service whose Mission is "Finding you the best in New Zealand" which is identified through extensive research methods.

Top Review say "A good review is never finished. With constantly new options to choose from, our job is never done. When picking our favorites we work hard to evaluate all the options, speak to all the experts and help make the buying experience as simple as possible."

Craft Construction Small Project Sector

Our Master Craftsmen are Licensed Building Practioners (LBP) who have aquired skills of many trades over time which allows your project to be completed under one umbrella. 

With the new Exempt Building Requirements and demand of service, Craft Construction have expanded, creating a "small specialist project sector" (SSPS).

Some of our NEW services:

1. Carpentry & Engineering LBP Services

     To carry out or supervise restricted work which does not require consent. 

      To assist DIY & Homeowners who would like assistence for exempt building work which does not require
consent (Aug 2020)

2. Unique & Custom Decks

     Our team enjoy unique deck designs and building them using current obsticles as features. 

     This is a great way to expand on access around the outside of your home.  

3. Minor Renovation

      We have the best tradies who can fix up, modify, enhance spaces

4. Garage Conversion

     Looking to make use of your garage? Great! we are experts in turning your garage into a living space that is
blended seamlessly into your existing spaces f your home.

    Wanting to capitalise on your investment - this is a great way to add rental value.  

5. Sleepout / out house

    We offer design and build services to achieve a practical estecic living space

    Enquire about of concept designs of sleepouts and transportable homes

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