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Breaking with tradition

Breaking with tradition

Timber-look aluminium doors: the right look with added benefits.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

When visitors drive up to your home, the first thing they typically see is your garage door, so it follows that said garage door plays a large role in making a first impression for your home.

Whether yours is a new home or an existing property, there are many options available to you, some of which you may not have even considered, especially if yours is a period home, says Ben Broide, General Manager of Prestige Doors & Gates.

“New Zealand has a vibrant mix of housing stock and our tradition of building with timber has meant that, for most, a timber garage door is the standard. It’s easy to see why; timber is a classic material and many people will choose a timber garage door for its natural beauty.

“However, timber does require ongoing maintenance thanks to our, sometimes quite harsh, climatic conditions. Usually, that doesn’t mean much more than refinishing or repainting the door every few years, but this can be more upkeep than most homeowners are looking for.”

Before and after: on the left is the original natural cedar TGV garage door, on the right is the low-maintenance aluminium TGV garage door from Prestige Doors & Gates.

Aluminium Garage Doors: the best of both worlds

Ben believes that a lot of homeowners have previously overlooked installing an aluminium garage door, particularly on a period home, as they believe them to be a less visually attractive option. While this may have been true in the past, Ben says that is no longer the case.

“High-end designers are finding ways to make aluminium look much sleeker than it has in the past. Similarly, today’s timber-look finishes mean homeowners can have the durability and low-maintenance that aluminium offers without compromising on aesthetics—modern aluminium doors being indistinguishable from timber doors.

“Additionally, while there is an initial added expense to choosing aluminium over timber, when comparing the lifetime costs, aluminium garage doors work out to be a much cheaper alternative, especially if the home is a ‘forever’ home.”

“Another alternative to timber-look aluminium is the range available in composite cladding materials. Ultimately, it really comes down to individual preferences, if you plan to refinish the wood every few years and have your heart set on the look of raw timber, it makes complete sense to pursue it.

“If, however, you plan on painting over the timber, you run the risk of ending up with a timber garage door that is more upkeep but functions the same as an architecturally-designed aluminium or composite door.”

Same project, different doors: the top image shows the original natural cedar door, which has been stained and requires ongoing maintenance every 2—3 years. The bottom image is the timber-look aluminium door, which requires no ongoing maintenance.

The traditional look doesn’t have to mean traditional materials

Since the aesthetic advantages of timber are more or less undercut if homeowners decide to paint over the wood, it makes sense to go with a powder-coated aluminium option, especially as Prestige Gates & Doors can customise the garage door to fit any span.

“By powder-coating aluminium, Prestige Doors and Gates are able to faithfully replicate the look of timber, while delivering a more durable and more versatile garage door. Powder-coated aluminium allows homeowners to customise the door further with custom finishes and a variety of colours, all while looking just like painted timber,” says Ben.

“Unlike timber, however, powder-coated aluminium resists weathering, doesn’t require repainting and has a much longer natural lifespan, which is why Prestige offers a 10- or 20-year

surface coating warranty for powder coated products. Aluminium garage doors also tend to stand up knocks and general wear and tear better.

“Also, timber-look aluminium doors don’t just look good on period homes. Many contemporary homes can have their look elevated with the inclusion of a Prestige Gates & Doors timber-look garage door.”

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