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Cleaning up the kitchen

Cleaning up the kitchen

Tucking away appliances and lighting in apartment kitchens is all part of the Poggenpohl journey to streamlined luxury apartment living.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Looking down over Ponsonby from Great North Road is The Crest apartment building, designed by Paul Brown Architects. The five story block is slick, clean and draws the eye from the street.

Inside the apartments are no different. There are views on all sides, while high stud heights and timber flooring lend a sense of spacious luxury. And at the heart of each of these apartments, part of what makes them stand out, are Poggenpohl kitchens kitted out with Miele appliances—expertly designed for apartment living.

“They were designed for open-architecture living. They had to be unobtrusive, but highly functional,” says Lara Farmilo, Design Manager at Poggenpohl.

Of course, in any apartment, space is at a premium, entertainment is a high priority, and the kitchen is a hub of the home to spend time in. So the team at Poggenpohl designed the kitchens with that in mind.

“The finishes chosen for the tall cabinets and wall units are a timber décor or veneer, which creates a warm, welcoming feel,” says Lara.

The secret to a great apartment kitchen is use warm, inviting tones that complement the overall palette and integrate the space into the overall scheme.

Poggenpohl: at the heart of every home

And the space is an inviting part of the apartment in which to spend time as the kitchens have been positioned to face outward, across the living area and balcony, taking in the views of the city beyond. The chef can look across the island or peninsula and participate in conversations with guests, or enjoy scenes of the city.

To further the kitchen’s capacity as a spacious, welcoming living area, the Miele appliances are neatly tucked away behind surfaces to give an uncluttered, tidy look.

“Fridges, dishwashers, rangehoods and even microwaves, where they are included, are all integrated to enhance the ‘furniture-feel’ of the Poggenpohl kitchen. The only visible vertical appliances are the ovens and, where provided, the steam ovens.”

Many of the apartments even have a small scullery to one side of the kitchen (a rare treat in a smaller format home), which allowed Poggenpohl to even further streamline the design of the visible part of the kitchen itself.

Ensuring elements such as kitchen islands are substantial enough to do double, or even triple, duty is key—create a feature that goes from kitchen duty to casual meeting zone to office work space.

Poggenpohl: integration is key

That slick, clutter-free philosophy is carried through every detail, including the handles and the general lighting, which is hidden under the cabinets and flush with the ceiling.

“At Poggenpohl, we have always adhered to a design philosophy that keeps the kitchen free of ‘clutter’. The separate scullery helps with that, as does the integration, as much as possible, of appliances,” says Lara.

“There is seating provided at the island, framed by the ‘waterfall’ bench top, allowing the island to double as a work space as well as a spot for casual dining and entertaining. Where the island is free-standing, an Evoline Power Port is provided to give power and USB charging for devices.”

With these kitchens, the clutter-free philosophy goes hand-in-hand with the kitchen’s role as a living space in apartment living. When space is at a premium, that slickness, combined with the intentional warmth of the surface materials means that the kitchen functions as a place to live in, as well as a space to cook in.

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