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It’s what’s underneath that’s vital to performance

It’s what’s underneath that’s vital to performance

From the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas to the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, Laticrete tile and stone installation materials are globally proven and provide installers and end users with the industry’s leading warranty programme for peace-of-mind installations.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

As beautiful as the tile or stone that we use throughout our homes today is, it is the installation material used underneath them, which is far more important to their performance and longevity—just ask anyone who’s bathroom renovation has been exposed to substandard waterproofing.

“The substrate and installation materials should last a lifetime. The tiles certainly will, so why should the waterproofing, tile adhesive and grout not be the same?” asks Jared Caldwell, Managing Director of Global Tile, the exclusive New Zealand and South Pacific distributor for Laticrete.

“The substrate preparation, tile adhesive and waterproofing membrane are the foundations of any tile installation, be it a swimming pool, bathroom or any tiled area for that matter. It’s absolutely critical to get the selection right and to specify the right products for the area to be installed. It’s the absolute last place to scrimp on value.”

LATICRETE installation materials are world leading and set the industry benchmark for performance and ease of use—from high-strength epoxy adhesives to thick bed and thin-set (pictured) mortars.

Laticrete: offering a lifetime warranty

As an architectural designer, specifier, developer or homeowner, knowing that the installation materials being offered are covered by a comprehensive warranty programme should make the specification a much easier choice. Laticrete can offer up to a lifetime warranty for the installation, depending on the range of products selected and the level of cover desired—there are flexible warranties on offer and warranties that can be tailored for certain projects, especially for those building in the commercial arena.

“Laticrete installation materials, like our 254 Platinum Adhesive, have an impressive track record,” says Jared. “One particular installation that stands out for me was the Al Hamra Tower in Kuwait.”

This project, designed by architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, saw limestone direct-adhered to the exterior of the tower up to 414m above street level with Laticrete 254 Platinum Adhesive, without the need for mechanical anchoring.

“Not only is that impressive in its own right, it also saved the client time and money—and just think of the peace of mind—using Laticrete’s globally-proven construction materials that offer that kind of robustness; it certainly lets you sleep easy at night.”

Laticrete supplies installation materials from the ground up, and all are backed by a comprehensive warranty programme. They offer screeds, waterproofing membranes, self-levelling underlayments, adhesives, grouts and resinous coatings, as well as sealers and cleaners for the care and maintenance of tile and stone.

LATICRETE under-tile waterproofing membranes provide protection for floors and walls for applications ranging from bathrooms to balconies and continuous water submersion such as swimming pools.

Laticrete: quality means peace of mind

Tilers, builders and developers become liable if these products fail, so it’s important to specify and install products that can stand up to the environment they are subjected to. The proven quality of Laticrete installation materials cannot be underestimated.

“There are definitely differences between various adhesives and waterproofing membranes on the market,” Jared says. “And Laticrete is positioned right at the top—ask any tiler who’s used it and I can guarantee they’ll say it’s the best product they’ve used.”

“Laticrete is a third-generation family-owned business, founded by Dr Henry Rothberg, 65 years ago. He was the pioneer and inventor of the latex additive that is added to each and every cement mix these days. Henry took his first finished batch along to Villeroy & Boch who initially rejected it. However, once they’d trialled the product, they realised just how good it was and the rest is history,” says Jared.

Learn more about the Laticrete family of products for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

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