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More is more

Big, bold and beautiful is what it’s all about in terms of soft furnishings at the moment. Glamour is in, and pared back is being challenged. We had a chat to Icon Textiles about what’s on trend and how the maximalist concept is taking shape.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

In a direct contrast to the pared back Scandinavian aesthetic that’s been at the forefront of design for the last few cycles, bright, big, statement textures and designs now reign supreme.

“We’re seeing more and more large designs incorporating oversized floral and animal prints coming through from Europe,” Icon Textiles’ Claire Drake says.

Designers are embracing glamour and statement with highly decorative patterned interiors. “We’re seeing this being picked up particularly in hospitality settings,” Claire says. “In Wellington’s new Lulu Bar, for example, the decor uses exuberant large-format patterned wallpaper and palms in a Pacifica interpretation of the trend.”

Icon Textiles represents some of the world’s best known fabric and wallpaper design houses. Designers Guild is releasing big, bold beautiful designs, and cleverly showing these with geometrics and mid century furniture. House of Hackney has built an exciting brand in less than 10 years, embracing the big, the bold and the beautiful with collections of striking designs. “Everything they do is a layering of print with inspiration from the Middle East, India and the United Kingdom. Cole and Son, have just released their third Fornasetti wallpaper collection – overflowing with whimsical, humorous and playful pattern.

House of Hackney’s latest collections are characterised by terracotta, gold and bronze hues with statement patterns and textures.

“Patterns have moved lately into quite moody offerings with a lot of rich reds, bronze, scarlet, rose, ochre and saffron. Designers Guild’s latest collections are a rich feast of pattern and texture accentuated with bright, rich colour.”

In terms of texture, velvet is the material of the year as well as rustic linen, which drapes well and compliments the heavier velvets. “We’re also seeing a lot of subtle metallics, which is very much in keeping with the luxe theme,” Claire says. “Metallics are coming through in wallpapers as well as fabrics. When you turn these to the light the metallic elements become visible so it gives them another layer of interest.


“While there is a lot of glamour at the moment, a lot of it is quite subtle. It’s more in the rich textures, details and large patterning, as well as the layering. Wallpapers instead of paint, cushions with contrasting backs and fronts in plush velvets and raw linens.

What’s particularly attractive about the luxe trend is that elements of it can easily be incorporated into all sorts of settings. “Even the simplest, most contemporary house can incorporate some of it. It’s a new experience for people who have just started doing up a house or are building for the first time in a while. This is the richest that we have seen trends for a long time.”

Icon Textiles represents Europe’s leading print designers and completely embodies current trends with their collections.

With showrooms in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, Icon Textiles’ spaces are widely used by architects and their clients as places of inspiration. Make sure you visit Icon Textiles on ArchiPro here to immerse yourself in the latest fabric and wallpaper design.

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