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MORE THAN JUST FIRE: Introducing the MODE KS1460

MORE THAN JUST FIRE: Introducing the MODE KS1460

The latest from MODE gives you more than just fire. More flame, more authenticity, more to see and a lot more to talk about.

Words by Stoke Fireplace Studio

Introducing the latest fireplace from MODE, and the first in the new KS1460 Series.

Available both single and double sided, MODE’s team of designers have applied world-class innovation, creativity and expertise to the MODE KS1460, to give you more.

With a deeper and wider firebox, new and refined fuelbeds and enhanced flame technology, the KS1460 was imagined for grand living spaces – flooding them with a generous 9.9kW of heat.

Like all MODE fires, the KS1460 has flexible flue technology – allowing the flue to be run in any direction, through walls and even under the floor. Giving you absolute design freedom.

Proudly manufactured in New Zealand, with the same quality, precision, and finesse you already love about MODE, and so much more.

The double sided KS1460 gives you more to look at – creating a fiery view right through to the next room. A contemporary way to visually connect two spaces.


The grand design of the fireplace gives you more to look at with maximised glass and minimised detail resulting in an impressive landscape of flame. More to look at, and less distractions. It’s just you and the fire.

Enhanced by MODE’s signature ceramic black glass, accentuating its size and creating drama in a large space – wider, taller and deeper than you’ve imagined.


Enhanced flame technology mimics a more natural environment, resulting in a slow ‘lazy flame’ that gives you a more authentic and even more mesmerising experience.


Reborn and refreshed fuelbeds give you a more life-like experience. Modelled on the rivers of New Zealand’s West Coast, and the redwoods of Australia’s Warburton Valley.

MODE Fireplace's Riverrock fuelbed


For more information about the MODE KS1460, including specification sheets and architectural support – contact the team at your nearest Stoke Fireplace Studio.

MODE Fireplaces can be operated by a smartphone, giving you the power to control your fireplace from anywhere - whether you're at the office, en route or sitting in another room.
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