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Secure yet communal

Secure yet communal

A new approach to fencing means the residents of Gulf Rise can appreciate the sense of security without feeling like they’re being hemmed in as the operators of Auckland’s most recent lifestyle village opt for a ‘village green’ approach to retirement living.

Words by Justin Foote

In 2000 the population of persons aged 60 or older was estimated to be 605 million, by 2050 it is expected to be two billion; the same as children aged under 15—the first time in our history that the two demographic groups will be equal. By 2150, the number of persons aged 60 or older is projected to be three billion—or almost 33 per cent of the population—with more than 1.2 billion of those aged 80 or older. At the same time, only 18 per cent of the population will be children aged under 15 years.

With more of us living into old age—and only a finite amount of space dedicated to housing—there has been a shift in how the traditional model of ‘rest homes’ has been delivered since the 1980s. In the ensuing forty years, the focus has changed from that of care facility to lifestyle village where residents are encouraged to remain active in older age.

Even this approach has been modified recently, says Lachlan McGaveston, Business Development Manager for Boundaryline. “Gulf Rise, by Metlifecare, marks a shift in thinking of what retirement living looks like; more open and communal rather than enclosed and separate from the immediate community.

“Boundaryline has worked with most of the main aged-care providers and while, in the past, we have used a very traditional fencing typologies—where the villages are very much enclosed behind walls and fences—that was not the concept Metlifecare and Boffa Miskell chose for Gulf Rise.”

Metlifecare, the operators of Gulf Rise wanted a streamlined fencing product that would offer security while being discrete. Durapanel AXIS by Boundaryline was the ideal solution.

Gulf Rise: changing the look of retirement living

“Metlifecare is pushing the boundaries of what the ‘Retirement Village’ model looks like with Gulf Rise, choosing to maintain the open, connected feel of the archetypal village atmosphere where housing radiates out from a village green; which required an entirely different form of fencing.”

Lachlan says DuraPanel AXIS was specified for the internal fencing as it has been specifically designed to define an edge of a space without obstructing sightlines.

“We developed DuraPanel AXIS to be an architectural pool fence after a number of architects and designers came to us wanting a vertical-fin look aluminium fencing solution that would meet pool fencing requirements and that would also complement the architectural detailing of their homes.

“DuraPanel AXIS was the solution we developed and brought to market back in 2016 after a period of around nine months from concept to the product being made available. Right from launch, DuraPanel AXIS really captured the imagination of architects and landscape designers thanks to its innovative ‘concealed post’ design in which the posts are the same size as the pickets.

“Because the posts and pickets are the same size and have a slimline profile, when viewed face on, DuraPanel AXIS literally looks like it’s floating. The 95mm space between pickets, which complies to pool fencing requirements, and the satin-black finish work in concert to visually cause the fence to fade into the background, creating an unobstructed view plane, adding to the feeling of openness that Metlifecare was after.”

Lachlan adds: “We’re really proud to have built strong relationships with Boffa Miskell, GreensceneNZ and Metlifecare and to be collaborating on upcoming village developments with these companies, who are invested in the emotional and physical wellness of our people.”

Initially designed as an architectural pool fence, DuraPanel AXIS is increasingly being specified by architects and landscape architects for other external applications.

DuraPanel AXIS: form meets function

“Similar to Gulf Rise, what we are seeing is more and more architects and landscape architects specifying AXIS for applications other than pool fencing, especially residential—both medium-density and traditional developments where it’s being specified as balustrading—and early education centres,” says Lachlan.

“One of the reasons for this comes down to the concealed post detail, which lends the product that wow factor that architects and developers are looking for. Also, because it’s panelised it is very easy to install.”

DuraPanel AXIS comes in panels of 1200mm high and 2250mm wide. Individual pickets are 25mm (width) x 50mm (depth) with a 25x25mm rail top and bottom that has been ‘punched through’ the pickets.

“At the moment, the standard height is 1200mm as per pool fencing regulations but we have customised to different heights including 950mm and 1500mm for different applications and will be looking into offering a range of different heights as standard.”

“Similarly, satin black is the standard finish, although, as it is an aluminium product, it can easily be powder coated to essentially any colour available as a powder. For MIT’s recently completed TechPark Campus in Manukau, a white powder coated finish was specified and looks absolutely stunning. Other powder coated colours are possible.”

DuraPanel AXIS is made in Asia and customised in New Zealand. Boundaryline ensures bulk stock is held in its Auckland and Christchurch warehouses and also manufactures gates to match.

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