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Sunday Star Times' ArchiPro feature

Sunday Star Times' ArchiPro feature

There were 52 Saturday nights in 2014, but only one of them was needed to change the future of New Zealand architecture forever... 

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

There were 52 Saturday nights in 2014, but only one of them was needed to change the future of New Zealand architecture forever. Frustrated with connecting the dots for their own home renovation, husband and wife Milot and Brittany Zeqiri (both who had been involved in the architectural industry for 14 years) suddenly had a revelation. “If we were struggling to do a simple renovation having worked in the industry, then how much would everyone else be struggling?” Out of that one evening, ArchiPro was born and within a few months its impact to Kiwi homes was undeniable, as it hit the internet and simply exploded. Best described as ‘TradeMe for architecture’ or as a ‘visual Yellow Pages’ on a better platform, is a website but at the same time it’s so much more: connecting real-world professionals and physical home products with homeowners who want to research their renovations without having to open a hundred internet tabs.

The ever evolving ArchiPro homepage

“No other platform globally or in New Zealand connects the dots like we do,” Milot states. Not only did ArchiPro solve the Zeqiri’s dilemma, but it immediately resonated with thousands of other Kiwi homeowners facing similar problems trying to find what they need for their renovation or construction. Receiving over 6.7m page views to date - an incredible achievement for a startup - ArchiPro has continued to grow in popularity and currently boasts 410,000 annual users and 145,000 registered users and followers. While the big numbers show the business’s success, it’s the interactive nature of the web platform which has put it at the forefront of New Zealand’s architectural industry. Reflecting its name ‘ArchiPro’: the ‘Arch’ standing for ‘Architecture’, ‘I’ standing for ‘Interiors’ and ‘Pro’ standing for ‘Projects, Products and Professionals’, the website is a one-stop shop, allowing users to search NZ’s largest architectural resource, find contacts and browse through completed new build and renovation projects from New Zealand.

With all this and more, it would be easy to get lost in the sheer volume of content if it wasn’t for the incredibly user-friendly nature of the website - testament to Milot, Brittany and the team’s hard work behind the scenes. Despite being one of the fastest-growing startups in NZ, Milot says ArchiPro isn’t content to rest but is always striving to reflect what Kiwis need to create better homes. “In November last year, we entirely relaunched the platform - but this is just the beginning for us,” he says. “Our aim is to improve the quality of life in New Zealand for homeowners: we’ve got a great product, but we’re always striving to improve.” Follow the journey with a click of a button at Taste your dreams at ArchiPro’s Meet, Greet & Eat 2018 Which would you prefer - an endless parade of showrooms and sales pitches, or a relaxed conversation over a glass of wine about what your home really needs? If numbers are anything to go by, the second option is already a hit at the upcoming 2018 Meet, Greet & Eat event hosted by ArchiPro.

2018 Meet Greet & Eat Event

Held for one night only on Friday, March 9 from 7pm-late at Shed 10, Queens Wharf in Central Auckland, the event will bring nearly a thousand guests together in what is set to be a highlight of the year for both. Whether you’re planning a full-home project, bathroom or kitchen renovation, or simply want to chat to the professionals while enjoying an evening out with complimentary champagne, delicious food and tasteful music, you’re going to want to be there. Far more than just a regular trade fair, Meet, Greet & Eat is best described as “an offline version of ArchiPro” according to website founder and event planner Milot Zeqiri. “It’s a prestigious occasion for people planning to build in 2018 or 2019 to meet the right professionals - your chance to meet everyone in one place!” With the food and wine flowing, it offers a more relaxed and intimate setting than any industry office, giving you time to form real connections with some of New Zealand’s best architects and designers while browsing through the interactive displays and product samples onsite. Register today for 2019 and guarantee your spot at this evening that’s not to be missed!

ArchiPro 2.0 demo at the 2018 Meet Greet & Eat Event
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