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Tile revolution

Tile revolution

Cutting-edge European technology has resulted in porcelain tile finishes that have revolutionised the global tile industry.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Ceramic tiles have been used for practical and decorative purposes since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Prized for their durability and attractive nature—qualities we still admire today—examples from this period still exist.

With such a long history, it’s perhaps surprising that little has changed in the formulation and making of ceramic tiles. Until now, that is.

From Ceramiche Piemme in Italy, the new Evoluta collection uses Synchro Digit Piemme technology to create a hyper-realistic, three-dimensional finish that perfectly captures the natural look and feel of metamorphic rock.

“In the past,” explains Brymac Tiles owner James Thomson, “a mould was used to create the surface texture and then a glaze would be added to give colour and pattern. You could achieve a 3D surface, but the pattern wouldn’t necessarily match the texture.

“This new process effectively uses two, improved parallel processes—that were previously separate—to create super realistic designs.”

Proprietary software synchronises a two-stage process that incorporates texture, colour and pattern onto the surface of the tile to imperceptibly mimic natural stone.

Evoluta: the evolution of decorative tiles available through Brymac Tiles

Special software perfectly synchronises the first digital application of relief glazes with a second application to achieve texture, colour and pattern all in one. It can reproduce any natural material in a consistent manner, to an unprecedented level. Every small vein or streak of colour now has a matching tactile feel, just like nature.

The new Synchro Digit Piemme process enables a level of material realism that makes the tile surface virtually indistinguishable from that of the original stone. Study of the finest features of natural stone by Piemme’s technical staff has perfected every single aesthetic detail of stone, resulting in over three hundred different patterns with HD resolution.

The slightly irregular surface combined with limitless streaks of colour, offers the beauty of stone, creating elegant interiors that have a warm, natural atmosphere.

The Evoluta collection enhances captivating textures of rocks such as Italian quartzite, offering almost unlimited graphic and surface variations in five colours and three sizes.

There are three decorative structures for the coverings: “Cave” is a detailed evocation of the skilled craftsmanship involved in cutting and recomposing small blocks of stone; “Cluster” recalls hexagonal-cut stones, reinterpreting them with a modern twist; finally, thanks to delicate crest-honing, there is “Forest”, which thanks to its modularity, does not have to be laid in a particular manner or order, making it possible to create imaginative three-dimensional patterns.

With a virtually unlimited random assortment of patterning and structural variations, Evoluta is ideal for the floors and walls of residential and commercial locations.

The Evoluta collection is available exclusively through Brymac Tiles in Christchurch.

Thanks to the new Smooth & Grip range of tiles from Spanish producer, Vitacer, it is now possible to specify the same tile for use both indoors and outdoors.

Brymac Tiles: Smooth & Grip for indoor and outdoor use

Also from Brymac Tiles, another innovative new porcelain stoneware tile from Spanish producer, Vitacer, makes it possible for specifiers to order the one tile for interior and exterior use.

“Normally, you would look to buy two different kinds of tiles for inside and out,” says James. “To meet the Building Code, traditionally a tile with a textured, non-slip surface would be selected for outdoors, with a smoother finish being selected for the interior tile."

“But the technology behind the Smooth & Grip tile has produced the smooth finish sought after for interiors with the technical characteristics of a non-slip tile that meets building code criteria for exterior applications—this can result in the need to only order one lot of tiles for a full project to achieve a harmonious, consistent look between the indoors and out.”

The Smooth & Grip range is currently available in Slaterock, for the bold look of slate, as well as a lighter travertine look, Unik, or a smooth concrete look, S-Tone. They are available in several sizes: 1m x 1m; 600 x 1200mm; and, 600 x 600mm, however stocks held are in the popular 600 x 600mm or 600 x 1200mm sizes. Also, a 20mm option is available if you intend to use a tile pedestal system outside.

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