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Transforming space and lifestyles

Transforming space and lifestyles

Having a designer outdoor space of your own doesn’t have to remain a dream thanks to one Auckland-based company dedicated to delivering custom solutions to transform every outdoor space.

Words by Justin Foote

Retired businessman Pradeep Lalwani was looking forward to taking life a little bit easier and indulging in a long-time plan to create an outdoor living area that he and his family could use year-round.

“I did a lot of research online around what would be the best products to use and the best systems but when it came down to it, I just couldn’t find the products I wanted in New Zealand. Having been a business owner before, I decided the best course of action was to convert my interest into a business.

“We set up Space Transformers five years ago but spent the first few years really researching what was available as well as putting in the hard yards visiting manufacturers in Europe and China and sourcing our own products so that we could bring a high-end alternative to the New Zealand market.”

Space Transformers specialises in the design, fabrication and installation of outdoor living solutions.

“We provide a range of bespoke outdoor structures and enjoy getting creative with the systems we supply, offering more practical solutions tailored to our customers’ needs,” says Tarun Lalwani, Business Development Manager.

The Aerolux Tilting and Retractable Aluminum Louvre Roof System is designed fit into any outdoor living area, offering a high degree of visual and thermal comfort.

Space Transformers: a stunning outdoor space begins with an idea

“Our major focus is to understand how people use their outdoor spaces—what the need and purpose of the outdoor space is. Some people want shelter from the rain, others want shade from the sun but everyone wants a highly functional outdoor space.

“Every project is unique, inevitably there will be some facet that you haven’t come across before that will require additional reasoning. It could be more engineering requirements or simply tailoring a product to better fit the situation, which is why we pride ourselves on being able to offer cost-effective solutions to just about any circumstance.”

Tarun says Space Transformers is a one-stop-shop for customised outdoor structures with different roofing options; side covers; blinds; glass; shutters and the like but that the one constant is the eye on quality.

“Our customers have high expectations and we try very hard to meet them. Because our systems are designed to the millimetre, sometimes it’s about managing expectations, which is why we meet with the clients onsite to discuss the project and any possible challenges that could be thrown up.

“Quality is the first priority, which is why we choose to manufacture in-house so that we can keep quality control within our company. Similarly, ongoing research and development—based on our customers’ requirements—ensures that we always have access to the latest products and technologies.”

The distinctive form of the Axis Tilting Aluminum Louvre Roof System balances design and function with the aluminium louvres being able to be tilted up to 110° with a smooth and silent rotating movement via the internal motor.

Space Transformers: from concept to reality

Space Transformers works with architects, designers, builders and clients throughout the process, ensuring the smoothest possible experience for all parties.

“Ideally, to create the best outcome for the client, we like to fully scope the project from the initial planning and design stage, working closely with the clients or their design representatives to produce a workable solution,” says Tarun.

“Once the solution is approved we provide a quote, which includes all structural elements, electrical requirements, drainage and footings. For new build projects, we start manufacturing 2–3 months from completion of build and are usually one of the last contractors on site when it comes time to install.”

Tarun says COVID-19 has impacted the business, however the company does hold constant stock of some products.

“We advise all of our customers—and not just because of COVID—to place their order early and have it in their name to secure the product. Shipping costs have escalated and that is reflected in the cost to the customer. That said, demand from the market hasn’t decreased.”

Space Transformers’ factory/showroom is in Auckland but the company has resellers and installers throughout the country.

“We’re always on the lookout to build our network of trusted professionals, including builders and landscapers and encourage any interested parties to get in contact with us.”

Learn more about custom outdoor living solutions designed for your residential project.

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