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15 timber decking options: which is best for your home?

15 timber decking options: which is best for your home?

Timber decking has a classic appearance and a durability that makes it perfect for a variety of outside applications–especially for a beautiful new wooden deck. However, there's actually more variety than you may have realised.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Depending on the deck you choose, you can enjoy either a light-coloured deck or a tropical one with a rich caramel hue. Moreover, some decks are more water-resistant and durable than others. Making the right choice starts with having a good idea of the different choices available to you.

With this in mind, read on for our simple guide on the best material that will suit your timber deck design!

1. Kwila Decking

Kwila decking timber has a reddish-brown appearance that will age to grey if it's allowed to weather. This is a naturally durable hardwood that's also chemical-free and is also the number one selling hardwood decking material in New Zealand.

This is a Southeast Asian hardwood that's easy to work with.

2. Vitex Decking

Vitex timber is a lighter-coloured hardwood with a grey to light green appearance. It differentiates itself from other hardwoods through its good bending qualities and the ability to cut across the grain. It has a good finish no matter where it's cut.

It's primarily used for decks as well as boat building, rails, cross-arms, and more.

3. Garapa Decking

Garapa has a beautiful honey-brown colour with a fine texture that's easy to work with. It's often used for smaller applications such as outdoor furniture or residential decking. One of the best parts of this decking material is that it's 100% environmentally-certified.

4. Tonka Decking

Tonka hardwood is 100% environmentally certified in order to meet the strictest environmental standards. It's often the hardwood of choice for public areas such as boardwalks, bridges, wharves, and more.

5. Vulcan Decking

Vulcan decking is unique because it's created from thermally modified plantation timber. It's also treated with an organic preservative system that is able to repel water and increase its overall durability.

6. ShadowDeck Kwila Dome Decking

This timber has a unique dome shape that ensures water sheds from the deck and reduces the chances of it getting water damage or warping. The timber is pre-grooved and pre-oiled and provides a hidden fastener system for a seamless deck.

7. Macrocarpa Decking

This is an exotic softwood timber with a light-blonde colour. It's easy to work with and able to withstand outdoor conditions with the right maintenance and care. It's recommended to coat the decks with oil so that they can season throughout the year.

8. Accoya Decking

Accoya is a modified timber that looks like tropical hardwood. This modification has been tested extensively and make it more durable overall. For instance, swelling and shrinkage are reduced by 75% and it can last 50 years above ground. It's also virtually rot proof.

9. Purple Heart Decking

As its name suggests, this hardwood ages from brown to a rich purple over the years. The South American hardwood is dense and extremely water-resistant, making it a good choice for those looking for a decking material with durability.

10. Australian Decking

This manufactured, kiln-dried hardwood is hardy and durable. It's a combination of Ironbark, New England Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, and Turpentine. It has a vibrant orange colour that can make a statement on any property it's installed in.

11. Thermory Ash Decking

Thermory Ash decking is sourced from North American and European forests. It starts out as a deep chocolate brown colour that eventually ages into a deep grey, but the original colour can be preserved with the right maintenance.

This thermally modified timber has all the benefits that you can expect, from increased durability to better dimensional stability even when moisture is involved.

12. Cumaru Decking

This Brazilian teak hardwood comes from South America. It has a vibrant and unique golden-red colour that creates a tropical look. Over time, the colour will change to grey if it's allowed to weather.

Like all hardwoods, it has good stability and durability throughout the year.

13. Thermory Nordic Pine Decking

Procured from Northern Europe and thermally modified, this light-coloured timber is durable and stable for a variety of applications. The original light colour can be preserved with UV oil, and it can also be stained a darker colour.

14. Bamboo X-treme Decking

Created from compressed and strand-woven bamboo, this decking material is incredibly strong and durable. It has been tested to have class 1 durability from the EN350 standard, which is the best class available. This durability means it will last a long time, and it has a warranty of 25 years.

Along with its durability and cohesive caramel colour, many builders find it easy and quick to install. This is because of the stainless steel clips and screws that it comes with along with the fact that there's a minimal amount of cutting needed.

15. Millboard Decking

Millboard Decking is designed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh climates, it looks just like timber decking but doesn’t need staining. 

Millboard is made from limestone and polyurethane which are stable and don’t need airflow. Millboard is perfect for large decking areas, damp areas, around swimming pools and membrane decks. View the full collection here

Discovering the Best Wooden Deck

As you can see, these decking materials all ensure that you'll have a beautiful and durable wooden deck no matter what material you choose. When it comes to your New Zealand home or property, pay attention to your practical as well as aesthetic needs in order to find the best material for you.

If you want a deck with the maximum amount of durability, we recommend opting for a manufactured deck that doesn't require as much maintenance. On the other hand, if you're looking for a unique and timeless design, Garapa or Kwila decking may be the better choice for you.

Ready to look at all the choices available to you? Request brochures and prices of any of our timber decking products today!

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