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6 ways to style your exterior with designer spouting

6 ways to style your exterior with designer spouting

Think contrasting tones, elegant framing of the cladding, and a touch of class. Here are six ways to style your home’s exterior with designer spouting...

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Spouting and downpipe systems are no longer just available in standard white PVC. Think Copper, Titanium, Black, Grey Friars® and Ironsand®. Here are six ways to style your home’s exterior with designer spouting.

Think contrasting tones, elegant framing of the cladding, and a touch of class. Or seamless integration with the roof or cladding colour to allow downpipes and spouting to blend into the exterior, virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding materials. 

That’s what ultra modern designer spouting and downpipe systems bring to the table - and for many they’re front of mind in the design conversations, no longer simply a standard functional part of the building.

Tutukaka, Titanium 

Here are six inspirational ways to create a point of difference with designer spouting.

1. Copper spouting and downpipes 

Marley Stratus Design Series® includes a range of striking colours, with Copper a popular choice. “The Copper colour works really well as an accent to the exterior, particularly when used in contrast with a darker cladding material such as cedar,” Marley’s Scott Townsend says. “The striking contrast creates a real point of difference and an elegant uniqueness to a home’s exterior. Because spouting runs the entire perimeter of the building, it naturally creates a frame for the cladding, which can be used to create defining and modern clean lines when specified in colours like Copper.”

2. Titanium spouting paired with schist and weatherboard

“Titanium-coloured spouting and downpipes can work incredibly well in conjunction with schist cladding, picking up the natural hues of the stone. It also works well as a colour if the aim is to match the rainwater system with aluminium joinery.”

As a colour, the Titanium option also works well with lighter-coloured cladding materials such as weatherboards. “Recently, it was specified for a home clad in duck-egg blue weatherboard, and the result was stunning. It provided a unique visual counterpart to the colour of the cladding,” Scott says.

3. Black rainwater systems

Black is a very versatile colour, and a current trend with products such as shiplap cedar cladding popular at the moment. “Used in conjunction with these exterior schemes dominated by Black and darker colours, it ties in really well and creates a seamless flow of colour across the exterior.”

4. Ironsand®: matching spouting to roof colour

Creating a synergy of design on a home’s exterior is often achieved by colour matching the spouting and downpipes to the roof colour. “Ironsand® is one of the most popular roof colours in New Zealand, and this shade is replicated in our Ironsand® offering, allowing designers and clients to exactly match the hues in their roof with their rainwater system,” Scott says.

“Ironsand® is a warm colour and in terms of pairing it with cladding, it often works best with other warm tones.”

5. Grey Friars®: pairing cool hues

Along with Ironsand®, Grey Friars® is the other most commonly used roofing colour in New Zealand, making Marley’s Grey Friars® offering a simple choice when matching roof colour and rainwater systems. “Grey Friars® has cooler grey tones, which work well when used with cladding colours that have hints of colder colours such as blues and greys.”

Sandringham, Grey Friars

6. White spouting: embracing the traditional in contemporary designs

While colour is sought after, that’s not to say traditional white has been completely surpassed, Scott says. “In fact, we’re seeing white systems used in a very contemporary way especially in Cape Cod-style coastal homes and holiday homes. A recent project where this was done had stunning results with the entire exterior painted white, a white rainwater system chosen, with the only colour a lime green front door. You can really be as creative as you like with colour, and spouting is a way to achieve design goals and take a home’s exterior to the next level.”

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The McCallum Residence, Copper
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