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A world of colour: commercial flooring’s new look

A world of colour: commercial flooring’s new look

Inspired by the natural environment and a veritable rainbow of hues, a new vinyl flooring range reimagines the design possibilities for commercial settings.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Think ‘commercial vinyl flooring’, and nature and colour are not the first things that come to mind. However, the recent release of a vibrant range of vinyl flooring in a palette of 50 contemporary colours has rendered the options almost unlimited in terms of design scope and it is changing our perceptions of what flooring means in a commercial fitout. 

Be it a library, a childcare centre, an aged care facility, a school or a hospital, the options exist to create any number of bespoke design schemes, PolyFlor’s Peter Holmes says. 

“With 50 colours in the range, you have the ability to mix and match to make unique floors for every project, instead of having to run a single colour throughout. It means you can create highlights and break-out areas within the same range of product, along with having the benefit of using a polyurethane reinforced surface (PUR) that allows for ease of maintenance and high durability.

“Known as Palettone PUR, this product range achieves the highest abrasion wear rating, as well as a Generic A+ rating in major sectors such as health, education and retail. It is ideal for heavy traffic areas and suitable for the majority of commercial fitouts.”

Colourful Palettone vinyl flooring is ideal for early childhood facilities.

Polish-free commercial flooring

Another benefit of the Paletone PUR range is the lifetime polish-free guarantee, a feature of the product that not only saves in ongoing maintenance costs over time, but offers less resource-intensive upkeep, ultimately reducing resource use. 

“All Polyflor commercial sheet vinyl ranges provide a continuous, impervious and hygienic flooring solution, which can be confidently cleaned in accordance with recommended maintenance procedures and approved maintenance products. The implementation of an effective cleaning regime is the most important defence against infection,” Peter says. 

Nature’s inspiration: commercial vinyl flooring

The Palettone PUR range is heavily influenced by the natural world, with the pink-purples a representation of shades created by naturally formed crystals that expose alluring pink and purple tones, while fallen autumnal leaves offer the basis for the yellow-red tones. Beige-browns align with bark forms, vivid greens are representative of the assortment of tones individual blades of grass create, and the warm tones created as the receding sunlight hits each peak of windswept sand are reflected in the warm greys of the range.

While colour is vital, the future of commercial flooring is heading into more natural, earthy tones...
The Palettone range is available in a palette of 50 colours, which can be used interchangeably in the same project.

The future of commercial flooring design

Lately, flooring hasn’t been at the centre of discussions around creating optimal interior environments and sustainable commercial design, Peter says. “While colour is vital, the future of commercial flooring is heading into more natural, earthy tones such as those in our latest collection. 

“Flooring will also become a central part of the creation of more balanced environments where light reflection, natural heating and the utilisation of existing resources will become more apparent. Having access to the vast range of tones in the Palettone PUR range with high light reflective properties allows for commercial fitouts to be designed that require less artificial lighting. This means natural lighting can become more prevalent as part of a move towards more sustainable designs.”

Palettone PUR flooring has a Global Green Tag certification. The flooring itself is 100 per cent recyclable and is made with 25 per cent recycled material. 

Find out more about specifying Palettone PUR vinyl flooring.  

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