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Concrete: in and out

Concrete: in and out

Indoor outdoor flow is a term commonly thrown about when discussing residential architecture. It’s something most Kiwis desire...

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Indoor-outdoor flow is a term commonly thrown about when discussing residential architecture. It’s something most Kiwis desire – the additional living space that a well-executed exterior design can provide.

It is within this scope that the use of polished concrete as a design feature has been increasing as a way to link interior and exterior living areas, and creating a cohesive, striking design.

“People are wanting to run the same look throughout their home, incorporating design features both inside and outside,” Megafloor’s Scott McBreen says. “That means they might specify for example, a particular finish for their interior floors and then match that with an exterior concrete to link the areas together using the concrete as a real design feature.”

While exterior concrete is finished differently, it can be polished and coloured to recreate the interior polished floors easily.

Al Fresco - Exterior Finish

“Our Alfresco range is designed for exterior applications. The difference really is in the process,” Scott says. “We grind it down to expose the beauty of the natural local aggregate and then the surface is treated with sealer that allows for a permanent non-slip texture.”

The Alfresco range is suitable for all exterior applications from poolside to large commercial spaces. “In the residential sector, it is currently mainly being used for designer pool areas and exterior patios that run directly from the house to create that synergy between two areas, or as a way to refurbish tired exterior concrete areas,” Scott says.


Within the Alfresco range is a host a of different options, which range from colour to finish, with one of the most popular the Alfresco High Street product – a deeper grind that achieves the maximum exposure of the decorative aggregates in the concrete.

“I think where we are headed in terms of exterior hardscaping in New Zealand is a focus on creating a cohesive look right throughout the home that extends from inside through to all the exterior areas. We’re also finding people are striving to use concrete more as a design feature, as a focal point of the home by using different cuts and finishes.”

High Street Diamond Polished Concrete Floor

Megafloor specialises in polished concrete flooring for interior, exterior and commercial applications and works closely with architects and designers to create a range of bespoke solutions.
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Beach House Diamond Polished Concrete Floor
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