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From small things...

NaturalFlow system designed specifically for the Tiny Homes market.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Either through choice or circumstance, in many instances, Kiwi households are required to treat their own wastewater—with the most common method being via septic tank. Whatever the situation, homeowners do have a choice in the treatment system they install.

Waterflow New Zealand has been offering an ‘inspired by nature’ alternative to septic tanks that operates using completely natural processes, for 15 years.

Marketed under the brand, NaturalFlow, these systems utilise worms and natural filtering processes to break down solid waste on-site, without odour or the need for power.

“NaturalFlow is an innovative solution to onsite home sewage treatment, treating grey water and black water separately in a quiet, odourless and smooth-running system,” says Waterflow New Zealand’s Gerald Hoyle. “From primary to secondary treatment, our home sewage systems are built to suit the requirements of your site and give you years of optimal performance with very little maintenance.”

The smallest passive treatment system on the market, the NF600TH is suited to remote locations where vehicular access is limited and where a non-powered system is preferred.

NF600TH: the size of things to come

“There are not a lot of manufacturers out there making smaller systems. Generally, systems are designed to be used in conjunction with properties of up to six bedrooms. With the growth in the tiny homes end of residential construction, we noticed a gap in the market for a product that would offer the same level of performance but with a smaller capacity,” says Gerald.

“Being smaller also means the system can be easily transported to more remote locations, while being a natural flow system means there is no ‘septic pump out’ needed, which is great for sites where larger vehicle access may be limited or non-existent.”

This latest system consists of one tank with an inlet/outlet so it’s easy to install. Similarly, as a much shallower system, it’s easy to create gravity flow as it doesn’t need as much fall as a full-sized system—ideal for properties reliant on solar power—but is still within keeping to regulations around the required disposal field and soakage bed.

“The system has been designed to treat up to 640 litres of wastewater per day, in keeping with 1–2 bedroom properties. Waste is treated to an advanced primary level as per standard council requirements. If you have a tiny home in your backyard, the system can be used as a pre-treatment stage prior to joining the local sewage system.”

The NF600TH has been specifically designed for use with 1–2 bedroom properties, such as backyard sleepouts, smaller baches and even rural workshops.

NF600TH: the affordable, New Zealand-made option

“Waterflow manufactures the system at its Northland facility and delivery of the system is usually within 1–2 weeks of order and being placed,” says Gerald.

“The NF600TH was released in January 2020 and is supplied through Waterflow’s nationwide network of installers. Its size and portability to site makes it ideal for use in a range of applications of 1–2 bedroom properties, such as backyard sleepouts, smaller baches and even rural workshops.

“The system comes in at $3995 including GST and can be fully installed for $8–$10,000 depending on the site constraints and the disposal method used. Generally, installation takes one day to complete.”

Gerald says that following installation, the system takes up to one month to reach peak operation.

Learn more about installing a NaturalFlow Treatment System on your property.

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