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Intuitive heating

Intuitive heating

The future of thermostat technology for electric underfloor heating is now reality as an intuitive product is able to ‘learn’ your habits and ensure homes are always at the exact ambient temperature required. We had a talk to Warmup about moving into the future and what it means for cost efficiencies.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

In the world of home heating, cost efficiency is at the forefront of hot topics. Thermostat technology has allowed electric underfloor heating solutions to be programmed to turn on and off at certain times of the day, but until now it hasn’t been intuitive – able to learn your habits and operate independently to ensure constant ambient temperature in different zones of the home at the times you use them.

This latest technology was developed in Denmark and is at the cutting edge of smart design. “In the last 15 years, underfloor heating has been controlled by a small sensor in the floor that was set up as a programmable thermostat to control when the heating turns on and off and at what temperature, which allowed for a limited level of control only,” Warmup’s Paul Fielding says.

“In contrast, what the latest Warmup Colour Touch Thermostat technology can achieve is completely different.”

The intuitive technology works out over the first week it is installed exactly how long it takes to reach the desired ambient temperature in different rooms or zones of the home. “By doing this, it means that if you go into the bathroom at 6am, for example, it will be at the exact level required to achieve the ideal ambient temperature,” Paul says.

Designed to meet the European Directive for energy efficiency, it is smart technology that allows another level of control, of sorts. With limited programming, it will operate itself, learning about the environment in a home and working within that to ensure the desired temperature is always reached

“Because of its intuitive nature, it is much more cost effective,” Paul says. “That’s because instead of working harder to reach a temperature when it is turned on a certain time, it knows exactly how and when it needs to operate and maintain that temperature. The manufacturer estimates that this technology reduces energy costs by 30 per cent per annum. It will also monitor the running costs to the dollar and provide a detailed breakdown of weekly, monthly and yearly running costs.”

Running costs are graphed and tabled in an app that is available by scanning a QR code on the thermostat and then viewed and managed on smartphones.

The Warmup Colour Touch Thermostat is available in both a standard option, operable via a wall-mounted touch pad screen, and a wi-fi version, which allows for remote operation from a device anywhere.

Make sure you visit Warmup on ArchiPro here to have a look at the latest in thermostat technology.

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