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Market-leading Prolam structural posts

Market-leading Prolam structural posts

The only H5 posts CodeMark certified for inground structural use.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

You could be forgiven for thinking that engineered or laminated wood is a recent development. However, evidence exists that the ancient Egyptians and Greeks produced an early variant of plywood, recognising that it provided improved dimensional stability and strength and offered reduced expansion and shrinkage when compared to standard timber.

That basic truth still holds today with the now plethora of engineered wood products all exhibiting increased weight-to-strength attributes, including the latest structural posts from Prolam.

“Prolam structural posts feature high strength, dimensional stability, good load carrying capacity, superior fire resistance and are manufactured from select quality pine timber,” says Reuben Woodman, Key Account Manager.

“They are also the only product of their type in the New Zealand market to be CodeMark® certified.”

With their high strength, dimensional stability and good load carrying capacity, Prolam structural beams were the ideal solution for this covered outdoor area.

Structural posts for pergolas, verandahs, decks, carports and fencing

Prolam structural posts are available in two structural grades—PL8 and PL12—and can be treated to H5 or H3.2 specifications depending on requirements. These can be easily specified using Prolam’s own online specifier or Prolam’s span tables. Either way specified, PS1 certificates can be supplied that are accepted by councils nationwide.

“There are three standard sizes—88 x 88; 112 x 112 and 135 x 135—which will suffice for just about any job, however, Prolam can manufacture structural posts to custom specifications if required,” says Reuben.

“Also, there are a number of appearance options available. Where the appearance of the finished product is of high importance, Prolam structural posts can be supplied in standard visual grade finish, bandsawn, sanded and sealed or pre-primed finish. All surface voids are filled although small, tight knots are permitted and the surfaces are planer machined to a high quality finish.”

“It is important to note that these products must be protected from the elements until sealed. Prolam structural posts can be supplied with a temporary sealer if required. All exposed structural timber must be sealed with a good quality paint or stain system within 14 days of delivery to dramatically reduce the incidence of dimensional change and increase longevity. All cuts, holes and rebates must also be sealed to prevent the ingress of moisture,” says Reuben.

Prolam structural posts and beams have been used to create an elevated deck and covered entertaining area with a minimum of fuss.

Benefits of Prolam structural posts

Reuben says all timber used is carefully selected for production and graded to adhere to stringent specifications. It is then kiln dried to 13 per cent average moisture content and finger jointed to ensure a uniform aesthetic finish. Also, as there is no need for a structural bracket, Prolam structural posts are quick and easy to install, saving on labour costs.

“There are also a range of other benefits relating to the posts’ high weight-to-strength ratios including cost effectiveness as fewer posts may be required per project and design flexibility.

“Additionally, extensive testing has shown that Prolam structural posts maintain structural load support for measurable periods of time in fire situations and, that as the glues used in the laminating process are Service Class 3 certified, the posts are resistant to attack by wood-destroying fungi and surface moulds.”

Provided products are stored, handled and installed in accordance with Prolam’s installation specifications, they will be in compliance with New Zealand building code structure, durability, protection from fire and hazardous building materials requirements.

Prolam supplies all of the major hardware merchants throughout the country and its standard products are widely stocked. For custom products, Reuben says specifiers can expect a 10–12 day turnaround.

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