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Local knowledge and expertise; the secret to a job well done.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Since its official opening three months ago, Commercial Bay has garnered a serious amount of attention both locally and internationally—both for its innovative design and the engineering feat that went into its construction.

Many firms were involved in the myriad aspects of its development, including local firm Allproof, which supplied more than 400 lineal metres of surface drainage products to the project, says General Manager, Adam Jackson.

“Due to the scale of commercial activity and foot traffic, as well as the variety of joinery systems used on Commercial Bay, the level threshold drainage solution provided needed to be highly adaptable while maintaining the level of detail and aesthetic that architects Warren & Mahoney required.”

Given the restricted height allowance, a 75mm depth channel was selected for the Commercial Bay laneways. A heel-proof cast iron grate was installed for its durability, performance and aesthetics.

Commercial Bay: helping keep its feet dry

“The New Zealand Building Code clause E2 [external moisture] has set out strict criteria that level threshold drains must adhere to for performance and safety reasons,” says Adam. “With this in mind, Allproof Industries’ Perimeter Drain product was selected as the ideal solution.

“The Perimeter Drain uses a polymer concrete L-shaped channel, which allows for varying joinery dimensions to overhang the channel. With Commercial Bay, specifically, certain areas at secondary entrances had wider spans of grate to accommodate for the building line, which meant we undertook a vigorous sequence of measurements to enable custom manufacturing of the drainage solution.”

Adam says the system needed to be precisely engineered to accommodate load ratings specific to these entrances.

“There was a high level of engagement on this project from the Allproof tech team over the four years of our involvement customising a range of drainage products, which also included the creation of a stainless steel drainage channel at the transition point between the PwC Tower Sky Lobby and the rooftop terrace. What made this particular aspect of the project even more complex is the fact that the transition is through a revolving door.

“To ensure a level entry onto the terrace the channel needed to conform to the exact radius of the door. To provide as seamless a changeover as possible the Allproof Threaded Leg system with wedge wire grate was specified for this.”

Allproof was also tasked with supplying a drainage system solution for the retail complex that needed to work with the restricted depth available due to the City Rail Link line and station situated beneath the complex.

“A 75mm depth channel was selected with the outlets directed into podium flanges below the surface,” says Adam. “A heel-proof cast iron grate was installed for its durability, performance and aesthetics. The characteristics of cast iron combined with high levels of foot traffic means that it will weather into the environment and blend with and enhance the laneway atmosphere.”

To ensure a level entry from the revolving door out onto the terrace, the Allproof team created a custom drainage channel that conforms to the exact radius of the door.

Global vision, local win

“By selecting a New Zealand manufacturer for Commercial Bay, Precinct Properties significantly benefited from the comprehensive knowledge of the New Zealand building code that Allproof was able to supply, along with a product range specifically designed for the local market and the ability to highly customise bespoke systems to the exact needs of the project,” says Adam.

“These are the cornerstones of the Allproof business and the Commercial Bay project gave the team the opportunity to really showcase the company’s full capabilities, honed over more than 30 years of partnering with some of the country’s top hydraulic engineers, architects, plumbers and industry organisations.

“Commercial projects large or small all have unique requirements that often require ‘real-time’ solutions and Commercial Bay was no different. Being able to call on Allproof’s in-house technical team to provide those solutions in what was a time-sensitive environment meant we were able to deliver the project within the allotted time frame and without impacting the myriad other trades at work at that time.”

Adam says the very nature of their business means they are often one of the last trades on site and any complications at that stage can severely compromise a project, which means clients and installers need to have confidence that the product is fit for purpose.

“This is another benefit to going local as Allproof consistently invests in all aspects of production to maintain the high level of quality that has come to be expected of all of our products, whether that’s a one-off drainage solution or large-scale, custom systems such as those produced for Commercial Bay.”

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