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One product to clad them all

One product to clad them all

Creating beautiful and eye-catching profiles is a snap… lock.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

If there’s one building material we Kiwis love more than anything else or is the most evocative within our psyches, it’s corrugated iron. Just the words alone are enough to conjure sentimental memories of backyard sheds and the sound of rain on the roof.

Of course, the reality is that it hasn’t been made from iron for more than 100 years and nowadays it’s just as likely to have a standing seam rather than corrugated contours. Still, long run steel in all its permutations has, at its heart, those nostalgic roots.

Roofing and cladding specialists, The Architectural Roofing Company, know this better than most and offer a range of products that are not only designed to perform but to also elicit an emotional response in us akin to that for corrugated iron.

One such product in their range is TARC Snap Lock. This versatile product features a 38mm standing seam profile that adds visual interest, shadow and depth to residential or commercial projects.

TARC Snap Lock was specified for this five-townhouse development in the Christchurch suburb of Edgeware.

Case study: Geraldine Street Townhouses

Located in the Christchurch suburb of Edgeware, this development of five, two-bedroom townhouses continues the densification of the area, which has been happening for the past two or three decades.

“Edgeware is one of those really interesting neighbourhoods in that it is within walking distance of the central city so it has undergone a series of renaissances over the years that has resulted in a mix of architectural typologies,” says Tobin Smith, Director of CoLab Architecture. “For example, in one street you may see villas and bungalows sitting side-by-side with 1980s/90s townhouses.

“For this development of five townhouses, the developers were keen to create something that added real presence to the streetscape and also reflected the quality of the design and construction—that made it easy to specify TARC Snap Lock.”

Tobin says the developers were looking to target first-time buyers and investors with this development, so with the potential for a mix of homeowners and tenants, they needed a roofing/cladding material that offered high performance while requiring very little maintenance.

Architect Tobin Smith of CoLab Architecture wanted a statement material that would not only perform but would add visual interest to the project.

“In any multi-unit development with a mix of residents you’re going to have very different attitudes to maintaining the properties, that’s why it was important to ensure that the materials chosen would stand up to any climatic conditions while still looking good and ensuring a return on investment for homeowners and investors for years to come.

“We also needed a product that was going to enhance the design of the townhouses, which, themselves, needed to accommodate the long and narrow site. We came up with a scheme that incorporated a cantilevered second storey, which not only gave us additional floor space but also allowed for easy manoeuvrability of vehicles in and out of the attached garages,” says Tobin.

“TARC Snap Lock is a fantastic looking product that sets up a beautiful play of light and shadow and is equally suited to projects such as this right through to five million dollar standalone residences. It’s a product that we specify often because of its aesthetic appeal and ease of installation.”

Brendan Murray, Owner of Brendan Murray Construction, the main contractor on this project, concurs: “Working with the TARC team was effortless. We had a number of meetings onsite right at the beginning of the build process and ironed out any issues early on. We then worked closely with the TARC project manager and onsite installer during the installation process and they were in and out within six weeks, allowing us to take the scaffolding down a full two weeks ahead of schedule.

TARC Snap Lock was also chosen for its ease of installation and for its ability to complement a wide range of styles and finishes.

“The beauty of the TARC product, especially on a tight site such as this one, was that it arrived cut to size and pre-bent, ready to install. As well as making for an expedited installation time, it also meant there was no onsite waste to deal with, which is important for us as we work to Green Star 6 principles around waste minimisation and management on all of our projects.”

Brendan says the design of these townhouses was quite complex and the result needed to reflect the standard looking to be achieved.

“There were quite a few intricacies that you don’t usually find on a project aimed at this end of the market, such as internal guttering, that required a high level of aesthetic consideration. TARC Snap Lock fitted in with that goal not least because with no visible fixings it creates a seamless surface.

“Teamed with the crisp white finish of the ground floor level and raked soffit profile, the overall effect is striking in the least and my team is justifiably proud of bringing the architectural design to life and in so doing, bringing a high-quality project to the Edgeware community.”

Learn more about incorporating TARC products into your next project.

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