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Signs of the times

Signs of the times

From creative conception to fast and efficient installation, Panorama Signs can look after a vast array of signage requirements, ensuring a great result every time.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

If you really want your signage to stand out and look sharp, one company can meet just about any challenge. No matter how big, complex or unusual your requirements, Panorama Signs has the experience and the expertise to make it happen. The company has completed a vast array of signage projects around New Zealand.

Barrie Dyer has more than 25 years’ experience in the signage industry. He is a one-stop-shop for his clients’ signage requirements and has forged a reputation based on quality, communication and the ability to just get the job done.

His team works closely with engineering, architectural and operational teams to complete the work on time and without incident. They will also handle all building/resource consent requirements.

There’s no doubt you’ll have seen his work up there in lights already. Around 90 per cent of the neon tower crane signs splashed across the skies in New Zealand and Australia are by Panorama Signs.

Some of his latest projects include all the signage at Antipodean Apartments in Auckland, the France Street Apartments and the Wains Hotel in Dunedin.

Panorama Signs was contracted to supply and install all signage for the Rendezvous Grand Hotel in Auckland.

Antipodean Apartments

Panorama Signs Ltd was contracted to supply and install all signage for the new, 15-level Antipodean Apartment complex in Beach Road, Auckland City. It included the room numbers, all floor levels, the car parking, wayfinding and auxiliary signage areas, such as on the electrical amenity rooms.

Says Barrie: “After several meetings and discussions with the architects, the brief was very clear. The signage needed to be of a very high standard. Most importantly of all, it had to have clarity and definition, which is always key.”

The signage was made out of 3mm steel and all the text and graphics were laser cut and fixed off, in relief from the walls at 20mm.

The contract was completed on time and to budget.

For the France Street apartments, an industrial-style black wax finish was specified by the architects.

France Street Apartments

Panorama Signs was contracted to supply and install all signage for the new, 11-level apartment complex in France St, Newton, Auckland. The major challenge was achieving the ‘black wax finish ’ required for the majority of the internal signage.

After many tests with various combinations of chemicals to achieve the finish, the architects approved the final working samples.

The other challenge was to achieve a ‘soft, consistent halo effect’ on the internal floor level signs. Once again working samples were supplied for sign-off before commencing fabrication.

Barrie explains, he has a fantastic relationship with Paul Brown Architects, the firm which designed the France Street project. They design many of the large, new apartment complexes around Auckland. Typically these apartments have retail tenancies on the ground floor and Panorama Signs do all that work as well. Barrie takes responsibility for the full project from the ground up to make it easy for the development to achieve a consistent, high quality look.

“The biggest thing is communication,” he says. “It’s about letting people know what’s happening, keeping them up to speed on progress and if there are ever any issues, dealing with them quickly and effectively.

“Architects like dealing with me because they can simply say, this is the look and feel of the signage and then they can leave it up to me. They know they will get a quality finish, on time every time. We give them working samples and there are no hidden surprises.”

Once again, this signage project was completed on time to budget.

Following a $3m refurbishment and new owners, Panorama Signs was contracted to supply and install a mix of external and internal signage for the historic Wains Hotel in Dunedin, owned and operated by Fable Hotels and Resorts.

Wains Hotel, Dunedin

To ensure quality control of the final result, all signage is produced in Auckland. However, Panorama Signs can cover any project throughout New Zealand.

“We have a team of expert installers all around the country,” he explains.

The Wains Hotel in Dunedin—part of the Fable Hotels and Resorts brand—was a particularly challenging signage project. “The client, a major developer, was very pedantic and wanted all internal signage—from the reception to all rooms and elsewhere—to have a ‘solid brushed brass finish’ that was consistent throughout the hotel.”

The room numbers were designed with the faces cut out of brass over an 18mm solid piece of opal acrylic, with LEDs routed into the backs of each room number. Numerous working samples were supplied to ensure the finished unit met client expectations. The end result was a very stylish look, which produced a lovely soft glow that had both clarity and definition.

The Panorama Signs website has a gallery of signage that shows the variety the company has completed previously.

Whether your project is simple or complex, Panorama Signs has the experience to bring your vision to life. Ring Barrie Dyer direct to discuss your requirements and ensure a fantastic outcome every time.

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