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Solving problems with motorised sliding windows

Solving problems with motorised sliding windows

For over 30 years, Auckland-based window solutions company Neotec has been providing Shugg vertical sliding window systems throughout the country and world. But when they introduced a motorised option for their products, whole new possibilities opened up.

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Alongside doors, windows are a building’s chief connection to the outside world. They let in natural light, they play a major role in ventilating fresh air into a space, and they allow us to view spectacular vistas and the structures surrounding nature or cityscape.

Most windows, however, have a downside — they take up space when they’re open. Opening outward, they protrude from the building or structure, which can often be problematic if they’re on ground level.

Vertical sliding windows are a common solution to this problem, and have been for a while: sash windows, complete with pulleys and counterweights, have been around since at least the 17th century — and are still a fixture in some older houses in New Zealand. But in the 21st century, vertical sliding windows have become much more convenient.

Shugg products can act as both a window and a balustrade

Motorised windows: An innovation in sliding vertical glass solutions

Neotec, an Auckland-based specialist in Shugg-branded vertical sliding windows, has been a leader in the space for over 30 years, and has helped usher in innovation after innovation.

One of its most enduring and popular offerings is its single-hung window, which features a sliding glass pane that comes downwards and opens up the top half of the window. This leaves a sort of glass balustrade at the bottom — perfect to protect a fall, or if the window is placed next to a swimming pool, for example.

But what if the window is too tall, and the handle on the top pane too far up to reach? What if the window is too large, and the pane too heavy to easily move manually?

Shugg asked these questions, and answered them, and innovated once again — and the motorised vertical window was born.

Philip Charlton, the director of Neotec, says introducing a motorised version of its product was the natural next step.

“With tall windows in the past, you may have used a wand to reach the handle and pull it down,” says Philip. “A lot of the time, this can be awkward and inconvenient. So as an alternative, there’s the motorised option.”

There are many different types of Shugg windows on offer.

A hit in both commercial and residential spaces

Philip says these offerings function particularly well in cafes, where big open windows are a big draw. “Rather than using a set of bifold doors, for example, where you have to deal with the doors on the side of the frame — with these motorised vertical windows, there’s no protruding into the street or into the cafe,” says Philip. “Nothing for people to bang their heads on or walk into.”

The motorised offering is also popular in other types of commercial buildings, and especially where windows are not accessible at all — say, three or four metres from floor level.

“This kind of setup is good for windows that are there purely for ventilation,” says Philip. “Since they’re not in reach from the ground, a motorised solution is really the only practical option.”

Motorised windows are also increasingly being implemented into high-end residential homes. They are especially popular as a solution for large windows, be they tall or wide. Where before there may have been too large and monolithic to function as openable windows, a motorised option gives residents the ability to remotely open and close oversize windows.

“The controls for the window come in the form of a remote control, which can be wall mounted or mobile,” says Philip. “The windows can also be incorporated into a smart-home network, which allows users to operate them from their phone.”

The possibilities for Shugg’s motorised vertical sliding windows are many, and are ideal in many circumstances where they solve a specific problem. Whether they eliminate awkward protruding bifolds, act as ventilation in high-mounted windows, or connect a living space to the outdoors in a residential home, Shugg’s solution is designed to bring convenience and cohesion to any space.

Learn more about Neotec's Shugg vertical sliding windows and motorised solutions.

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