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Summer entertaining made easy with artificial grass

Summer entertaining made easy with artificial grass

Avoid the inevitable dead, brown lawn this summer with an alternative product that provides lush, green grass that looks great all year round...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

With long, balmy evenings approaching, Kiwis will be spending more time outside – hosting barbecues and gatherings, enjoying the late sunsets and having beers with friends.

But no one wants to host a party on a lawn of dead, brown grass that is most likely filled with prickles, so it is crucial to make the most out of your outdoor area.

“Your lawn should be the perfect extension of your indoor living space and artificial grass offers a lush, green area that can be used in both summer and winter. Our aim is 100 per cent usability, 100 per cent of the year,” says Gareth Tipene of New Zealand-owned and operated Eco Lawn.

Enjoy your lawn winter and summer with Eco Lawn's ranges.

Along with the ideal indoor-outdoor flow, people with allergies and hay fever can also greatly suffer from natural grass in the summertime, rendering their lawn unusable. Artificial grass can remedy this and is also kind to the environment, as it doesn’t require a liberal application of chemicals to fend off weeds and pests, nor precious water to maintain the perfect lawn.

With New Zealand’s UV rays so intense, especially in the hotter months, a strong, durable product is required to withstand this climate, especially when summer storms and droughts hit.

“The Eco Lawn manufacturing process starts in Dubai, where the yarn and both the primary and secondary backing materials are manufactured and developed – based on specific UV standards that have been rated for New Zealand and Australia,” says Gareth.

Materials are then shipped to Brisbane, Australia, where the product is stitched together to Eco Lawn’s strict specifications. The fact that Eco Lawn’s artificial grass is made for our conditions means that it is a much longer-lasting and a higher-quality product than some of the cheaper synthetic turf products making their way in from China.

Artifical grass makes an easy and attractive entryway.

Gareth says that the New Zealand market may potentially be affected by these lower quality products that are being promoted at the moment but that, essentially, “all of our clients ask about quality first and foremost,” he says. “The fact that we are a New Zealand company, and that we really take the time during the installation process to install the synthetic turf correctly, means a lot.”

There are a few key ways to prepare artificial grass for the summer and keep it in tip-top shape for any impromptu barbecues. As it is such a low-maintenance landscaping option, cleaning it is as easy as spraying off dust with a garden hose and sweeping up any leaves. The grass can then be groomed with a brush or raked in places where it may have flattened a little due to high use.

It’s rare to find weeds with synthetic turf, however, some weeds may occasionally work their way through tiny holes in the backing material, so it is important to check for them a couple of times a year to keep the lawn looking fresh.

Lastly, Gareth says that it is important to remember that fire and artificial grass do not mix well! If embers from a barbecue or fire pit do get onto the lawn and cause any damage, this can easily be repaired without the need for replacing the entire lawn.

Eco Lawn’s diverse range of natural-looking grass is suitable for any size and type of project. It is also lead free, non-toxic and safe for children and pets.

To find out more about creating the ideal environment for your next summer party, check out Eco Lawn’s collection on ArchiPro or visit their website.

Cross-section of Eco Lawn's artificial grass installation and groundworks.
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