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What’s the best material for my garage door?

What’s the best material for my garage door?

With so many options out there, selecting a material for your garage door can be overwhelming.What’s right for your home? Timber, steel or powder coated aluminium? Each has its own advantages, but one stands out in terms of durability and required maintenance.Click on the link below to find out more...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Want to add curb appeal to your home? Start with the garage door.

In many ways, the garage door is a visitor’s first impression of your home. It’s an added facade and a big opportunity to improve the overall design of your property, especially given the wide range of attractive materials available. So many options, in fact, that choosing the right solution can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s why we spoke with Ben Broide of Prestige Doors and Gates to learn a bit more about the various choices and discuss the distinct advantage of aluminium doors.

How to select the right materials for your garage door

There’s a lot to think about when installing or replacing your garage door. First, you’ll need to decide the type of door you’re after. Beyond that, there’s which automation accessories you’ll add and whether you’ll colour match the door or go for a different look.  But before all of this, you need to choose a material and as Ben explains, there’s quite a few on the market, each with its own key considerations.

“People often choose timber for the visual aspect - there’s a lot of beauty and craftsmanship in a wooden garage door.”

This, of course, can add a great deal of value to your home, but it’s important to be mindful of the long-term upkeep of timber doors. Wood is prone to warping or even rotting in damp conditions, which is a high concern for many homeowners in New Zealand’s climate. Further, the material can experience weathering and fading due to UV exposure.

Ply & batten style aluminium door.

“If you’re considering a timber garage door, having a maintenance routine is essential. Homeowners should expect to refinish or paint the door every couple of years.”


While having the advantage of lower price, steel garage doors are out of the questions for consumers who want a highly designed product.

“Steel is definitely the most low-cost solution and it can handle the elements. Unlike timber, steel will not weather in the same way as a wooden door. There is the risk of rust, however, which steel doors can be rather prone to in certain conditions. Steel doors also dent and scratch more easily.”


Then there’s aluminium. A lightweight material that doesn't rust and is naturally resistant to corrosion, aluminium is quickly gaining popularity as a durable cladding material in New Zealand. In the past, however, it’s often been ruled out in favour of the timber aesthetic. 

This, however, is no longer the case, explains Ben, thanks to highly designed, aluminium door panels in a variety of looks and profiles.

“If you really want that natural timber look of a cedar garage door, you may be able to justify the added cost of maintaining a wooden door. Otherwise, aluminium is really your best option. If you’re going to paint the door anyway, why choose something you may need to paint again in a few years?”

The powder-coated aluminium advantage

Ben describes a regular occurrence in the Prestige Doors and Gates workshop:

“Often, we’ll craft these really beautiful timber doors that showcase the richness and depth of the colour and look really stunning. Then, we’ll put a layer of paint on it. When you cover timber with paint, the aesthetic advantage of timber is gone - so why not use a more durable product instead?”

That’s where powder coated aluminium comes in. Prestige Doors and Gates’ range of aluminium doors can be made to replicate timber exactly, or come in a variety of coloured or custom finishes such as laser cut outs. Doors are even available in any of the timber profiles you’d want including TG&V, board and batten, and various weatherboards.  

“You get the same exact look as a painted door, without the need for extensive maintenance.”

Ply & batten style timber door.

Powder coating is a process where paint is applied to metal surfaces in a powder form. This formulated powder is electrically  bonded and then baked on to the metal, making it resistant to weathering and UV radiation. With powder coated aluminium, you’ll enjoy a garage door that stands out in a number of areas:

  • Easy to clean and maintain with no ongoing costs

  • Resistant to weathering 

  • Resistant to corrosion and rust

  • Longer lifespan

  • Never requires repainting

Want to see these incredible doors for yourself? Check out Prestige Doors and Gates on ArchiPro today. Backed by 25 years industry experience, Ben and his team are here to help you select the perfect garage door for your home.

Custom laser-cut aluminium door.
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